The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Beauty Look

Makeup look created by Dick Page on Taylor Hill, backstage at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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Diana M says:

This is exactly why I don’t listen to beauty gurus and I don’t wear a ton of fucking makeup. If you have a few blemishes here and there, just cover it up. Everyone where’s a ton of fucking makeup these days. This proves my point. You wanna look like a VS model? Make your skin clear by wearing less makeup (so the pores can breathe), wear tons of sun screen/moisturizer, drinks tons of water, eat healthy, wear hats (don’t expose yourself to the sun), and exercise regularly. Getting back to my point, I never understood why girls with absolutely flawless faces where makeup? But I guess there was a period of time where I kept over doing it as well because I thought if I had one blemish that meant a full face of makeup…. but then I realized I looked disgustingly old and it was too much makeup.

JessErin says:

I wish I looked like them

LallaDahab Lalla says:

she is a real beauty, i like her face shape

america says:

har jawline

Mau Navrrt says:

Taylor…you are SO beautiful.

Destiny Hodges says:

Love how natural it looks. Does anyone know the product he put on her cheeks and nose in the beginning?

Angel Dust says:

Great work sir! Really like this way of doing make up where the emphasise is on looking healthy and enhancing features rather than masking.

Rick Fulton says:

new photos of Taylor Hill by Jim Jordan Photography!

blueicefairy11 says:

Lovelyy! Very loose and fresh make up, simple and natural, I just love it. I like what he said about the skin, the more you leave it looking the more realistic will be. Great job.

Sam Smith says:

Reverse raccoon, haha. I love this makeup artist he’s great & funny.

Barbara Kimball says:

Who is shooting this?  My god, I’m getting dizzy from all the camera movement.  Bad shooting job.

نوون ; says:


ruby burnett says:

I love Taylor Hill so much

Meli Carmona says:

shes like why u lying

Milabu says:

I enjoyed your video. Loved your video!

Phoebe Briana R. Astrid says:

Hey guys. I’m an aspiring Youtuber and it will help me out tons if you would just check out my new Victoria Secret Selena Gomez inspired make-up tutorial on my channel. Do comment, like and subscribe if you’d like! I’m also open to associating with other beginning Youtubers!

007 says:

wow i feel like i learnt so much from this guy

Mia Moran says:

god who was this camera man

Jizzell Reyna says:

if only her cheeks were more blended.

Kanon 0620 says:

Omg Taylor is so gorgeous!!!

Karolyne says:

Can anybody please tell me what’s the name of that blush?!

Ece İlayda Kılıç says:

We cant actually see..

Shin says:

If only you moved the camera a little closer, so I couls clearly see her face, but no. 🙁

Franciska says:

Taylor is so so so pretty, goshhh

anna zhang says:


Alyssa Sault says:

good for you taylor hill! your my favorite model

bambarby says:

Women always need makeup to look good

Geenieinabottle says:

Hey guys! Check out my VS Angel look! Drugstore products only

Meli Carmona says:

shes like why u lying

Bethlehem S says:

taylor does not look happy!

Julia Montgomery says:

Where can I get that pure red cheek pigment!!?

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