Hey dolls! Bit of a revealing video but I really wanted to do it and I felt the need to show you how everything fit, but please no rude comments! 👏

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White lace bodysuit
White lace bodysuit 2
Micro fiber black lace bodysuit
Black lace bodysuit 2
Mauve high neck bodysuit
Mauve lace robe
Mauve soft bralette
Mauve soft cami
Mauve lace shorts

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Dyllan Taylo says:

Let me fuck that ass

Lil Stick says:

Hi Beautiful

Personalidad HDMI says:


Mike D. says:


Sophie Songbird says:

Hey maybe you used the cold setting but otherwise blow drying your hair is just as bad as curling irons :/ ✨

Phathompath h says:

Come on , if your going to model lingerie, at last pan the camera out so we can see from head to toe!

WaRio cAm says:

Please punch your self in the teeth.

street car says:


Juan Perez says:

I am not a doll….

Расул Касымов says:

Tia, you are beautiful and lovely.

javier garcia says:

Beauty & sexy !!!

Michele Smith says:

Those are all very pretty and you look amazing in them

billy pressley says:

Wow you make those look incredible!!

Alepulse s says:

Mai gawd

James Martin says:

I for one would like to see a women do a review without wearing anything under or over the clothing . Its not to see a beautiful lady naked, its so i can get the true visual of how the item is suppose to look like. I watch these reviews to get clothing ideas for my wife. So when the item is altered you dont get a true representation on how the item will look. If the host is ashamed to wear them as they are created then dont do a review.

Matthew Kroll says:

Wow your cute !! Nice hot Lil butt and nice Lil boobies !!!

simon jackson says:

I’m having rude thoughts!!!

baby turtle says:

show the bobs you ho

Frenchgirl15 says:

You made me fall in love with this brand. They’re all stunning

Steve Dirck says:

Very sexy Tia .

Just Awesome Your says:

Your body on point

84Actionjack says:

I think they’re called garters.

craig lee says:

Love girls built like this long waste great butt and small boobs she is a doll:)

Viru Rathva says:

Yo so beautiful

Galimir Nund says:

Love the white ones

Doublethizzle says:

Holy HELL! How amazingly beautiful is she? It is so refreshing to see a female that has a normal sized ass. Not saying that she doesn’t have an ass, just saying that it doesn’t look like it is swollen and doesn’t even belong on her body. But seriously, we, as a country, should come to agreement that Tia McIntosh will represent us as our beauty ambassador. For instance, when she wants a new car she can just walk into any car dealership and just take whichever car she wants. Of course she should never have to work for anything. Kind of like putting her on a pedestal so high that one would the help of NASA to just catch a glimpse of her.
Perhaps I am going a little overboard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nah! She is ‘that’ damn beautiful.

Zamiq Abdullayev says:

İ love you

sarun vatchanarat says:


Jim Yost says:

You’re a hottie but if you’re planning on doing any more videos like this I suggest that you first take some video production lessons from Natalie Roush or Anna Zapala. :O)

Gerald Mitchell says:

So sexy

Rocksoldier 69 says:

She is very cute and looks great in everything, but seriously….she worked at Victoria’s Secret and a huge Lingerie fan, and yet she can’t identify a “garter strap”?

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