How Hard Do Victoria’s Secrets Models Train? | Cosmopolitan’s Fitness Editor works out with Victoria’s Secret Model Romee Strijd to find out.

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Victoria’s Secret Models: How Hard Do They Train? | Cosmopolitan


Dnnerb Hehehehe says:

Don’t let this fool you! They just don’t eat

Zuzia Gol says:

this model looks like an skeleton

Sam Chino says:

Lol these ” professional athletes” are working really hard lifting their dainty hands up and down.
They need Jillian Michael or Bob to show them what a REAL workout mean

Whatassignments says:

I feel like their arms could snap at any moment

Katisha Dogisha says:

Both women are beautiful and as long as you’re eating Enough and not over excersizing and putting yourself at risk for health issues it’s fine what ever size you are, but personally I think the woman in the ref shirt has a nicer body. I’m very thin and I’m always trying to gain. It’s so hard and expensive

homo_horse says:


Ella O'Neill says:

The model is so pretty I cri

Michael Leukofzo says:

Way too skinny, not a single curve in sight. Hard pass.

Rainbowbooster Real says:

a difrent between a vs model and a short person

Margherita Gelli says:

I would like to work out with this dance teacher..she’s so sweet and motivating 🙂

María Risso says:

What on earth are they doing with point shoes on ? Ridiculus

Zeynep Yildirim says:

Damn,these bitches are too skinny.They don’t even look like a woman.Just quit working out and eat a burger.

Ula Larger says:

i respect models and shes beautiful but theyre not athletes. like holy fuck all the workouts she just did in a week doesnt even begin compare to what like even high school wrestlers have to do. let alone actual pro athletes

Karishma Singh says:

Why the fuck does a ‘lingerie’ company cast such skinny girls who don’t have any assets to display in those lingerie ? Why can’t they cast women with fuller boobs n butts that actually FILL those bras n panties. I refuse to believe she is naturally this skinny. Personally it’s not attractive to me at all even though she has a beautiful face. I am not one to body shame but I find it so ironic that they hire super duper thin models BECAUSE it is a lingerie brand. They should have people who have ‘stuff’ to fill in their products.

hoang tran says:

hemmm…look like yoga. ever thought of just jogging? aerobic. so much better for the body.

Nan yunguhao says:

The shoes just make me laugh

Aysha Qureshi says:

Professional Ballet athletes are jacked though they’re pretty awesome and very strong

Møøn Princess says:

and here goes my self esteem

Grace McCartney says:

I hate it when people say models have an “unrealistic body image”. They work extremely hard to get into shape and to get their bodies. If you worked hard you could have their bodies as well! If you really wanted to get fit you would stop complaining and just do it. Everyone is beautiful in their own way so stop complaining. This body image is realistic because obviously people do have this body type

Cath M says:

That models never done ballet in her life! Her hips aren’t turned out right, her feet are awful. She’s just a skinny tall girl.

Jean Wan says:

“where it hurts as its getting deeper”

Kristine Schuppe says:

how tf she wears make up while work out ?

Marshall Mathers says:

A little scoop of almond butter for breakfast sometimes? bitch, give me the whole jar and i’d still be hungry afterwards

Masdaer L says:

Vegetables with some protein “chicken or fish”
Hahahahah vegetables are full of protein!!! Everything has protein!!!!

Sakura Kagami says:

I understand that they need to be as beautiful as possible in order to be a good model. But their skinny body only looks unhealthy. I would like to see one or two models that worked out NOT to look skinny, but to look fit. Maybe have a small stomach or a bit thicker legs. Because not everyone is as skinny as they are and it would be much better to see the clothes they’re modeling on a ‘regular’ body. Does that make sense?

Random Chick says:

“Models are fake,”

Wow, I can basically smell the jealousy.

Alfocraycray says:

their shoes I’m a dancer and this is not how you tie your shoes

idk zeena says:

Not every skinny girl mean she eats little ! It’s about your body nature shape not just about food .

carlalicante says:

This is definitely NOT ballet omg… They just try to some style to their fitness

Arianna Welch says:

Romee inspires me. I have the same exact body as her. I’m tall, skinny/slim, toned, long legs, etc. I want to be a model so bad!(:

Abby Dabi says:

I am a dancer so this gives out a little sneak peak in a Irish dancers life

EllaTalks says:

cringing so hard at the shoes

Just add sparkles Xoxo says:


daniella says:

They were born with this body, it’s not only the workout

taylor xo says:

almost all dutch girls have long legs some of them also look a lot like romee and doutzen.

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