Walking in EXTREME High Heels

Walking in EXTREME High Heels

Showing off my most extreme high heels. Heels with no platforms that are 7inches to 8 inch heels with a 3 inch platform.

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Kathryn Dahl says:

awesome shoe collection

Bob Parker says:

Hey Michelle. Love the video of you explaining the heels and then the demo of you walking. Excellent work. I understand the discomfort of some of them for walking. Now for the ultimate challenge. Have you ever drove in these heels or is this out of the question?

cervezadog says:

Your collection of stiletto heels is awesome Michelle. Do you own any oxford pumps?

heelrubberboots says:

lovable footwear and you , nice website

Tony says:

I really really enjoyed this video. I loved how you described each shoe and boot and how you look walking in each type of heel. I see that those red ankle boots are really difficult. I love how you look walking in those Pleaser pumps without the platform. Very sexy looking. Please keep move videos like this coming. Thank you:)

Robert Dreffs says:

I wood like to woke

Rays OffRoad Videos says:

i have off/roaded my husband pick/up wearing high heel knee/high boots and proud off it..

Marc Paul says:

Wow, you are my idol, lol

Graham Wormald says:

Would u go down Symphonic sculpture tower stairs in Hakone Japan with ur high heels on with someone recording at the bottom

Rays OffRoad Videos says:

wife loves your collection.go michelle..

sexy nylon legs says:

wow…..so sexy heels

stanainsley2 says:

You looked like natural to me. It is enjoyable to watch you walk in heels.

Al Pete says:

Yes It’s very hard to walk in extreme high heels and boots

William Willcutt says:

New subscriber and wow…incredible..love to be floor under those heels..he he

balletboot2000 says:

love the ones with the metal straps,
you could easily manage ballet heels

xero says:

Your figure is so sexy, specially in these boots!

Cathy Wilde says:


Kirra Peters says:

why would you buy them if you cant walk in them?

M. Hfm. says:

What Michelle doesn’t mention is that the higher more extreme heels make your toes get sweatier since they are doing more of the work balancing

Emma Louise cd/tv says:

Superb video, you have a fantastic collection of shoes and boots, I love heels, can’t really walk too much in them though. My favourites were the extreme red boots and black studded boots.

sogreyisthenewblack says:

have you tried the black ones with the padlocks on?

Rhiannon N/A says:


paizano13 says:

Wow you have incredible feet and arches! Can you do a longer walking video just wearing the black extreme devious stilettos? You look amazing in these! What size are these?

Theheelchick says:

I am a huge fan as well as a wearer of high heels. It was truly a treat for me to see you wearing single sole stilettos…. especially the devious daggers. thank you

Feet and Ass says:

When you walked in the first pair you showed I got extremely stiff, wish I could wear them too

between5and6 says:

Hey Michelle, you are doing extreme well in the dagger and the diva heels from pleaser. i didn’t expect it. You are walking very well as a plateau user 😉 make more videos with those heels instead of the plateau ones…

ron oswald says:

I don’t know how women can stand the feel of their bare feet in any kind of heel.

Tod Ltx says:


david p says:

wow Michelle you have got a lot better at walking in them killer black 6 .25 stiletto pumps . i would say you have a sexy walk now how about a video in them pumps, now that you have mastered them, give all us men a treat keep up the great work Dave from Cali

Ryan Shaw says:

Is it bad im a boy and i love heels

Justin Beaube says:

I have a huge fetish for high heel pumps and your feet are beautiful

Emilio jose barrionuevo gomez says:

I’m a new subscripter your chanel. thanks for your videos.

IloveHighHeels says:

your best video so far my little baby deer 😉 you look really skilled in those dagger heels! Can’t tell me you haven’t been training with those.Have you thought about wearing long, bootcut jeans over your heels?

HighHeelFanatic84 says:

Make sure that you keep awareness of where those keys are at all times while wearing those 7 inchers…wow

DaveRubs says:

Damn your gorgeous and I love heels

jimbo boogie says:

may I be your bootslave mistress?

Robert Dreffs says:

My high heel 20″ heel top them

Calvin O'Neal says:

to Michelle I watched your video with you walking in the dagger 12. how can I get me a pair.

Emilio jose barrionuevo gomez says:

Wowwww !! very sexy scream shoes pumps, it’s very dificult walk to them and pain your feet

fedelince says:

Which are your favorite extreme heels of those all ?

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