Nikki Bella’s high heel collection is TO DIE FOR! – Our Home: John & Nikki

Nikki showcases her amazing closet and all of the special touches inside.
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Chanel Diamonds says:

Each pair of the red bottom heels are $600-$8000…. lol

Liliana Benavides says:

Nikki you are so lucky I love shoes and thoes shoes are my dream including your engagement RING

Majid Ali says:

plz help me 500000 doller

Mary Stokes says:

Where’s the ring??

Duli Beqiri says:

i love you nikki bella

Del Rey says:

u could literally feed a country w these shoes

Marc Hansen says:

Please send my wife a pair of your shoes. She deserves them and I can’t pay them.

Omer Mohsin says:

I can’t believe it that you r showing your collection

Steven Rojas says:

Maryse looks hotter

lauren g says:

She’s literally wearing the most glamorous dress and looks a million dollars but still has to “change and get ready for date night” john cena is a lucky dude

R2 S says:

I subscribed (č)

Aura Bae says:

When did her nana die?

CE LaBs says:

nikki, are there any shoes there that you have never worn?

Victoria Barron says:

What about your purse collection. When are we going to see that.

Shakira Monish says:

I love nikki bella and john cena xxx they are cool
like I love you bellas subscribe to my boyfriend candy cubed please love nikki john

The Bella Twins Fan says:

Answer this question on YouTube Nikki do you want kids with John Cena

UltimateSheep23 says:

Send nudes

ChevyTruck says:

This is honestly like a goal. It may sound weird or something but every time I see you (Nikki)and how successful you are it gives me more motivation to perfect my sport. Like you seriously came back from a neck injury and performed like you didn’t miss a day. You’re truly amazing

JoseTheGamer222 says:


Mahi Persaud says:

those shoes / heels r veryyyyyyyyy swt n sexy

Jaime Peterson says:

I love it and you Nikki Bella

Nick Macintyre says:

OMFG i would love to just fart in their house

kelly. says:

your shoes collection is just so amazing, but your nana’s purses collection is just too pretty and stylish ^^
and yes those roses and cards actually is so romantic thing to do.. you’re so lucky john does it everytime, so great to see the pretty collections!

Maria Ramos says:

A purse collection please!!!

Del Rey says:

materialistic af

Sisir Kumar Dash says:

I want to see Brie’s also

Paradisegirl108 says:

Can I have ur whole closet Nikki?

Aleksandra Savage says:

she kind of looks like Brie in that hat

Turn it up says:

Where’s Roman? Oh wait… he’s not a heel yet

Aura Bae says:

I was watching an old episode of Total Divas, and it was John’s shoes in there. lol I forgot that the house was his before

Angelina Tran says:

Why does Nikki’s hair look so brown in this video? Didn’t she dye it black? Or close to her natural hair color (dark Brown)

Kyle Krest says:

I don’t understand why people say Nikki is only with john for the Money… You can obviously see that this is true love so the haters need to back off….. Just sayin

Kshayla Johnson says:

I love the story about your Nana

Pingu says:

It’s a shame roman can’t be in a selection of *heels*

Gasdin Gaming says:

If your wondering where the ring is well they just got home after mania so im sure shes just uploading old stuff that she didn’t have time to do before considering how busy they were the past 2+ months

Kalan Ferguson says:

I hope to find a woman who loves me as much as Nikki loves John.

Brandy Hagler says:

love the hills

Golden State Blake says:

i love your shoes


where it for ur wedding

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