MY SHOE COLLECTION TOUR + Top 5 heels & least favorite heels

Hey Sedfam. Part to of my three part series. Be sure to subscribe and like this video.

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Michael Marli says:

Your hair is wonderful

zahra dahi says:

Beautiful shoes. You have nice taste of shoes

Oscar / Republic Of Pirates. says:

I subscribed you

Dana Conway says:

So fun to watch! Cant wait for your next video! Thanks for sharing!

Michael Marli says:

We have wonderful shoes in Brasil.

Raha Zadeh says:

New subscriber 🙂 I love finding my fellow Persians on youtube. You’re stunning & so are your shoes!

Hossein khanipoor says:

Q&A: are your parents divorced?

Asli Ranjbar says:

Hey gorgeous, my engagement party is in 2 months. And since there is a lot of dancing, should I get my heels a size bigger than my feet???

Mina H says:

Most gorgeous hair on YouTube.

Arnold Arnoldsson says:

Vart är Nike Skorna? HAHA Glöm inte “Orten”! Skämt åsido.. fan va fin du är!

n h says:

id love to kiss all your heels all the day round with your feet inside …. theyre so damn hot..

Sonya Sed says:

What’s your favorite pair? Let me know below!

Hootan Mazloomi says:

My pockets hurt just from watching this video

Jawher Taga says:

I’m new subscribers here. Great video.

Kimia Ranjbar says:

I have never seen a closet with so many shoes.

Saika Noreen says:

Love your shoe collection. Also loving your hair, can I ask what colour is your hair and what dye do you use if you dye it?

Many thanks

S.M.A GAMER says:


Jawher Taga says:

I love you so much dear lovely sweetheart babe <3 <3 <3

Mario Sydow says:

what amazing shoes, maybe you can show once when you wear them, especially your louboutins

Oscar / Republic Of Pirates. says:

I’m willing to learned Farsi from myself. I’ve been attached more Iranian friends than Americans. I like Iran culture. The musical. I want to learn Farsi.

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