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Shoes are my favourite thing to buy so naturally I wanted to do a shoe collection video. And I love having a nosey at other people’s collections so here’s mine for you to have a nosey at too! I decided not to do a ‘most worn’ video and to just include all my heels. I also wanted to separate the videos into heels, trainers and flats so I probably will be making a couple more of these collection videos in the next few weeks if this one goes down ok!
Also as I said in the video I answered a few questions, so here are the questions in case you don’t know what I’m answering (or if you fancy answering them yourself in your own video!)

1. My first pair of heels?
2. My most recent purchase?
3. My current favourite pair?
4. My pair that has the most memories?
5. My current most wanted pair/dream pair?

Lily Pebbles shoe video –
Manolo Blahnik dream shoes –
ASOS shoes (currently wanted ones) –

Where to find me:
INSTAGRAM – @robyncaitlin

What I’m Wearing –

Dress – Asda
Necklaces – disc necklace – River Island
name necklace – gift from my mum

All products mentioned in my videos have been bought by myself, or given to me by friends or family. All opinions and views are completely honest and my own.


S. Fer. says:

¿Realmente es necesario tener tantísimo zapatos?, y sobre todo la enorme cantidad de dinero que le habrán costado.
El típico ejemplo de niñata pija y consentida metida de lleno en el consumismo más atroz.

Shannon The Fangirl says:

This inspired me to make my own ☺

Melissa Stephan says:

First pair is my favorite. So sophisticated and stylish!

cutie pie says:

wow are you British love your accent

Elsa Petersson says:

love yore stile and heels

Shoespiration says:

I love the first to their my Fav! someone who loves shoes just as much as me. I have a shoe blog which you might be interested its;

TheLeviathanrules says:


Sandra Blondinuke says:


MrEnryx84 says:

2:03 ok.

Tom Fischer says:

I really would love to buy a pair of your heels

tacchilover1 says:

love at 4:37!

Leydis Fernández says:

You have a very exquisite taste. I love your shoes!

jumpingjack245 says:


Heather Plays MSP says:

the irregular choice shoes with the heels on the front are quite dangerous – just saying

Misha Kay says:

Can anybody put my mind at ease please? There has been something that has bothered me for ages now about some shoes, and it’s that pully thing attached to the inner sole that you get in some heels, as seen at 5:54. Can anyone explain what exactly that is for? Only some shoes have a pully, so I wonder what that’s all about. I don’t think you can remove the factory insole, which was why I thought such a thing existed, so now I’m not so sure what exactly it’s for!

dusty08yrks says:

This may just be the finest shoe collection video I’ve ever seen. I love your taste, and you have a beautiful way of displaying them, wearing them with style. I must admit that I’m partial to high heel pumps, they’re my absolute favorite. Although my favorite color is yellow, black is by far my most favorite when it comes to pumps, especially the more traditional ones, if I can call them that, although other colors, too, are great. And I far prefer bare feet (without pantyhose) in both pumps and sandals, exactly the way you portray them.

carefulangel13 says:

The topshop red platforms……I’m in love <3

anx says:

i got primerk one in blue color

evalisa89 x says:

just found your channel,i love it

Daniel Glazer says:

thank you @dazzle @uj @jen

Ismael Chong says:

Please tell me the name of the music.

Zambil ̣ says:

Hey check out my shoe collection

Hazel Wang says:

my fav is the black topshop ankle boots!

Kaan Dervis says:

wonderfull, can our firm be your shoe sponsor?

Secret Youtuber ! says:

Do you know Niomi Smart? That music, lol. Niomi used it for her shoe collection video too!

Nilmoy says:

I love your accent, and I have a shoe thing too, I love high heels. You have good taste and lovely skin. 🙂

WC Z says:

Sehr schön

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