My Shoe Collection – High Heels (Part 1)

If you follow me on any of my other social media, you know I have well over 170 pairs of shoes & counting! Here are the first dozen or so pairs of my heels – enjoy!

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hamed samy says:

You are gorgous I wish to kiss all of these shoes and be your foot servant

n h says:

the main psychology behind women shoes and heels. that they’re really and hidenly spread the feeling of domination,, control, and slowly build up the sensation of being dominated, feminized and completely helpless….. for me i always feel how worthless and useless are my little tiny testicles…. this is what exactly i felt looking to your shoes….and forgive me no offend…
im a gay and all what i said is from the bottom of my soul…..;


Its a bigg pleasure to be touch by shoes by  a bigg celebrity. Its like God meet you. The moves of your feet are really sensual

n h says:

OMG…your a sex student…. please do a research on me… im a completely addicted to Ball busting….your both black heel @ 0:57 and yellow peep @ 3:20 made me completely under control of them…
i would suggest if you do more psychology video… share thoughts… .listen from fetish about their experience and of course try to make more room for other domina girls, or girls who have similar interests…..
i had my balls kicked and stepped in a humiliating way… i just wished to feel your black peep toe shoes to crush my balls sac to the point m,ake me feel them not present any more…. could you just discuss this in academic way….dont know how but would love to listen to your thoughts…
i have more of suggestions which could give you more ideas about more videos…
thanks so much mistress shoe dominatrix.

salsa379 says:

Beautiful shoes..Nice touch of high heels…what your favorite shoes color when comes to heels..?

Michael McCullough says:

Do you have email

n h says:

i really had the feeling of wanting to submit under 2 of your collections… the black @ 0;57/// this drove me nut…i would do everything you order me to do … just to touch this shoe, sniff it, taste the insole, and feel it on m,y body… the same for the yellow peep @ 3:20//..
completely taken by those….i feel i wanna switch my gender right aT THIS MOMENT!

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