My Shoe Collection | High Heels

*Open me for all the things!*
Hello my fabulous Oddballs!
I’ve been obsessed with watching shoe collection videos recently so I thought I’d go ahead and make a shoe collection video 2016 of my very own. So today I’ll be trying on my high heel collection for a kind of try on haul of shoes! What’s not to love? I haven’t included any of my boots or flats because, let’s face it, high heels are the best kind of girls shoes! But if you want more shoe collection videos of my other shoes just let me know.

Hope you enjoy my shoe collection 2016!!

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mike sardoza says:

Wow you have amazing shoe style. I love them. The pair is in 6:07, love the color, love the heels wow !

The Cheeky Melon says:

I love your collection!

give away says:

hi I live u solo much keep it up ur so funny , nice and creative u have to teach me lol well could u do a q and a my question is who encouraged u to start making videos and how are u so goog on making videos

Urbex Denmark says:

thanks for sharing

Martin Mee says:

ur heels are very high can u wear them all day

Edward Stephens says:

awesome heels collection. love them all.

Celeana Landveld says:

i want them in 2:29 love then and no i’m kidding i love all of them can’t decide

liv 26 says:

i love those shoes i only have 14 cm ones and im 10

Wahaba Mazhar says:

your legs are so sexy if u don’t mind me saying that word and they were looking very pretty in those Dorothy Perkins shoes…..

FUN BB says:

liked 🙂

asdf Bowman says:

shaaa-wingg! very pretty ,my lady…

Bulumaina Doley says:

All were so beautiful <3
Would love to see your watch or braclets or earings collection 🙂

gineoling says:

Love your shoes

Dz Hayet says:

omg nice nice nice nice very nice aimee i love you

Wahaba Mazhar says:

me too

Ally Nandlal says:

Such gorgeous heels. They’re all so very pretty.

Terryn Milan says:

Hey I found your video from my suggestions when I posted my shoe collection, check it out if you get the chance! My fave of yours was the second pair>>>>>

out law says:

I have got to ask would you sale any of the high heels in your collection reply back thanks

Wahaba Mazhar says:

girl I think u are a big fan of new look and peep toes aren’t you

chubbys11953 says:

Hi Aimee. I LOVE, LOVE your heel collection. I am now watching them on my HD TV.  Yes I am a guy that loves high heels and I came across your video. Just want to say you have great taste in heels! I love your heels so much that I actually watched it twice! I would like to comment on all of them but they are all gorgeous! Yes I did subscribe and like this video. I would say I am guy who is mostly into pumps and peep toes on women! I think I will watch this video again! I love your heels Aimee. Is it strange that I am so into your high heels? They are so pretty! Thanks so much for posting!

ReemoLifestyle101 says:

Loved the miso one !!

out law says:

I have a requested video…. can you do the same high heels collection but with no music just sound of the high heels walking on the floor reply back

Jay U2 says:

Absolutely gorgeous!

Said Silva says:

I like the shiny black shoes

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