This is my shoe collection of all my my different shoes! :3



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Elsa De Ortiz says:

están realmente padrisimos todos , me enamore de sus zapatos!

Matias Fernandez says:

prostitute motherfucker, fattening whore, skeletal shit jajajaa moriteee you have to die beautiful

Zoe Harper says:

For 99 cents a day you can feed this poor african chil- oh wait……

Xristina ROCK says:

I love this shoes this is amazing !!!

sup ItzMaddie says:

U r soooooooooooooooooooo pretty how much did the shoes cost?

Clorox Bleach says:

She actually looks really pretty

Anthony Rodriguez says:

Hell no plz eat I’m srry but plz eat

Debbie Barajas says:

The red bottoms heel i like

Julia Skagfjord says:

It really bothers me to see E wasting away. I had anorexia when I was 16 and lost over 30 lbs. Anyways, here is a totally true fact: You gain most of your bone density during teenagehood. Meaning weight baring exercises ( squats, running, hiking, tennis, anything where your feet touch the ground) add to the cortical bone in the center of your bone. The end of making new bone is around age 30 for weomen. So you need to stay healthy and active during these years and as strong as possible. You lay down the same bone you will go into old age with. I worked with someone recently who has bone fractures just by being alive, she is aware and smart but in so much pain in her senior years such that she cannot stand, twist or move her body. She has osteoperosis…I am sure there are many many other aspects of health to take into consideration when facing annorexic habits. Love should be the standard, and loving oneself is keeping truly healthy. All the vanity crap totally fades as you become stronger in who you are over the years.

Tatiana Best says:

Her legs or getting thick but her hands need work . Don’t worry u will get there

OnOmOtOpe says:

So cute

ChildoftheUniverse says:

OMG look at how much healthier she looks here. Still way too thin for her height. But at least not looking close to death. . She looks absolutely horrible now. Her skin looks all pale and sallow. It is sad.

Violeth Del corral galindo says:

Hello eugenia I like your videos are parents

The Silent Child says:

I have Nike and converse

Alyssa Johnston says:

Are those shorts short enough

Hean Macc says:

¿cómo llegué al video de esta esquelética?

Casper Baxter says:

Watching her for the first time. I’m shocked. I wonder how old she is. Where is this child’s parents?

Zoki Tsoi says:

Your shoes are like a murder weapon but I love them

SPLvR G0d says:

Fucking EAT SOMETHING.damn yo ass like jack the skeleton

Kimberly Sewell says:

So have you bid anybody

epicradawesome says:

still too thin, but at least her face looks not sunk in back then..

Jocelyn Elliott says:

Absolutely love your shoes. I do say though. I’m sorry 4 saying this huny. But you need to gain a little bit of weight. Too skinny isn’t sexy anymore!!

Ana Ramos says:

Unhealthy skinny girl

Jasmine Rosa says:

Beautiful Sweet Girl !

Daenerys T says:

She looks healthier here

Baylee Boles says:

are you bysexual

TheShoeMan says:

Spooky scary skeletons

jessi fuentes says:

I just signed up for your channel and you’re very nice, I loved your boots and boots

Jasmine Rosa says:


John Vargas says:

Somebody get this nigga a big mac

Jimsta N says:

Just 2-5 lbs and you’ll be fine. maybe not even 5 lbs. You’re a week or 2 away from being healthy….=

do you know that?

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