Hey beauties!
So today I am bringing you my Heel Collection! YAAAAY! loll. It’s been highly requested so I figured why not film it! Now, like I mentioned, these are not ALL my heels, I still have plenty more, but I wanted to show you guys the most fashionable ones, and the ones I wear most. Hope you guys enjoy it, and thank you again for everything, I missed you guys & I love you all sooo much! 🙂
– alexx xo

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Rafa Farihah says:

OMG girl I have like 40 pairs of shoes. You have such a cute sense of style! Those JustFab shoes are to die for. I am literally going to order them right now (been using JF for a while now).

The Couples Point says:

Best Girls High Heels Collection 2016 HD Vdieo..
Click the link below:

Den F says:

Very pretty feet. Open toed heels look the best on you.

Karmen Hirst says:

there to high for you


i subscribe u subscribe me back hope u like this vedio thanks

louis cyfer says:

very nice, but you deserve some nicer ones, louboutin, tom ford, gianmarco lorenzi.

francisco pereira says:

perfect collection beatiful foot

Urbex Denmark says:

nice vid

Andreas Bünte says:

Wow, you are so beautiful!!! These sexy shoes are very, very good for you to wear. Thanks for this fantastic video, I love it!!!

Io Diamante says:

I live for the lace up heels yasss

Melissa Stephan says:

Your shoes are giving me life right now. I’m in love with the first boots!

R.B.H. Foof says:

you have some great looking feet and heels.

Foot Fetish KZ says:


Ste M says:

sexy heels and feet xx

Scarlett Whisperer says:

all of your heels are adorable! nice video!

KingJazzaD12 says:

Nice heels and you have pretty feet 🙂

Martin Mee says:

u have alot of high heels do u wear them in the day time

Karmen Hirst says:

who are you writing lol, you gotta start young to + alexxamore

Feranmi Thomas says:

How tall are you?

nay sanm says:

minute 2:07

Karmen Hirst says:

I’m 10 and I walk in my high heels very well better then some woman even

Sunflower_Goddess _ says:

My fav ones were the unknown shoes without titles,Jennifer Lopez,Steve Madden,and A’Gaci

MonicaEdith Beauty says:

Omg I love them all!

zebulonarkan says:

Fantastic! More please

AmorPorLosZapatos says:


Xiomara says:

you are pretty

Karmen Hirst says:

even watch my channel it’s lucy hirst my shoe collection is on there other wise mark hirst

LuxBodega says:

You look great in the Gladiator type shoes since you have adorable feet and ankles 🙂 Are there any designers you aspire to wear?

California Life says:

How cute

whitesocks girl says:

Nice collection! Second last are my favorites. Would like to see you walk in them outside…

Abe Lincoln says:

Great collections and great heels!!!! Could you please do a video on how to walk in high heels? especially covering that aspects that most such videos miss out such as walking on grass, wet floor and stairs. Would be a great help for other women out here:)))))

FUN BB says:

liked 🙂

Blue Searibbon says:

Hello, i have some requests. You- to be a wet high heels QUEEN 🙂 Its’ mean- wearing very high heels and walk in them in water (in rain, in sea waves, in indoor shower etc.) and gets them well soaked with splashing 🙂 And make a video from event. And then let me know. I put this video’s link in my small “wet heels contest”: (now empty but will updated soon – see some small rulles there). My video see at my profile.

Alexis Martin says:

I’d love to see how good your feet smell after a day in a pair of those

Diego Cabreara says:

You have good taste for high heel models
You look really beautiful in high heels.

verdi77 says:

I love your shoes that expose your beautiful feet and toes 🙂

stacy mcbride says:

Good shooe

Afroza Bulbul says:

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