I got SOOO many questions about the shoes on my shelf in my last video, I decided to make a video all about them too lol! So here are a few of my most favorite pieces of shoe art 🙂 I love being extra af, and I like my shoes to match! ps yes i do wear all of these out of the house. lol.

I LOVE YOU PUMPKINS! Have a blessed day full of sparkle and light.


Here are links to all the shoes if you want to twin with me! 😛

Tidebuy (code “xoamber”)
TBDress (code “xoamber”)
Public Desire:

Shoe 1(tidebuy): (code xoamber)

Shoe 2 (tidebuy): Rhinestone Stiletto Sandals: (code xoamber)

Shoe 3 (tidebuy): (code xoamber)

Shoe 4 (Lola’s): SOLD OUT ON LOLA’S WAHHH! But here is a similar one!

Shoe 5 (tidebuy): (code xoamber)

Shoe 6 (eBay) :

Shoe 7 (public desire):

Shoe 8 (tbdress) : (code xoamber)

Shoe 9 (tidebuy): – (code xoamber)

Shoe 10 (Missguided): (code “amber scholl” at checkout for $20 off new customers!)

***this video is not sponsored, but some links are affiliates*** 🙂 xx


Daniasal1 says:

Amber, I love your videos thank you for giving us the best tips!!!

Julia Basilio says:


123alias says:

I’ve watched a couple of youtuber female’s and non-youtubers show off their expensive designer high heel collections. And out of the hundreds of their pairs, they did have a very very very few cute ones. But yours, they arent even that expensive like theirs, yours are the best that I like. I love the first 3 pairs that you showed.

Complexus Essentialium says:

“Life is short, so why not wear a crazy freaking shoe?” The best advice i’ve received in years xD
I’m definitely gonna buy a couple of crazy/over the top pairs to try and see if i can keep up with the craziness 😀
I also should wear a lot more gold/silver metallic/and glittery stuff. Thisi s a revolution against all neutral colors one wears often 🙂

Jada Smith says:

Pleas do a purse collection

sophia sartorius says:

When u got 10% but still watch ambers video

Queen Marilyn says:

My Life Goals: To Have Amber’s Shoes Collection and Clothes Collection.

Tween Angel says:


lolaa says:

I am not even interessted in high heels,like at all,cause i CANNOT WALK IN THOSE SHOES,but if Amber shows us her collection,i wont complain.

Beatrice Alexa says:

I love sooo much shoes But the problem is that Im 12 and I cant wear them :((((((

Rain Barnett says:

and I thought I had a lot of extra shoes

That Random Person says:

” –whispers– these arent actually all my shoes but half of them XD ” WOWOOEFBFWUFNJFJF WOOOOOOOT?!?!

Natalie Rafailova says:

omg I love you amberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Madly & Yemi says:

Do not order nothing FROM TIDEBUY.. if you need an item asap then buy it somewhere else.!!!

Roland Camcena says:

5:21 porn star?

Alexis Mayers says:

gold cage booties come to me plz my love

hl_l hsapaw says:

How come she so beautiful but has no bf

Michelle says:

I found her YouTube account a couple days ago and I’ve been spending all my nights watching her videos! I love how she talks and making everything glisten in the sun is so so unique. I wuvvv herrr!!!:)

Chand Khan says:

U are really really awesome I really like ur videos n u are so so true with us u show us every stuff I really like u

Reign Starlight says:

5:17 pornstar?!?

Patcharacharin Rin says:

I am want se ol your bags

Life 24/7 says:

For Glitter heels collection watch:

bapestar21 says:

for some odd reason a got a boner watching this…

Sadia Islam says:

Can u plz make a video about how to take care of them??

ayye jhooope says:

666k views LMAO

pink frosting says:

Amber, we need to see an updated shoe collection! !!!

Amanda Lemay says:

I go broke everytime i watch her vídeos lmao. I love her so much.

Sarcastic Potato says:

Updated version pleeeeeeaseeee

calz gaming chanel says:

With all of ur shoes i have wached all of your vids you have spent $9579 90 c

Yabely Castro says:

Babe where do i buy the knee black and nude boots you have ???

Suzanne Campbell says:

You are so like me. I love Sparkles too. If I’m walking down the street. If someone is with me. They could turn around and say. I should have known. I lost you as we went by that Store. You a a Ray of Sunshine. Lots of Love….

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