ASMR. Walking in High Heels. Shoe Modeling: Stilettos, Pumps and Peeptoe Collection. White Noise

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Please forgive my veiny feet! Lol.
Which shoe is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! ^_^

Hey, everyone! I hope you all are doing extremely well today! This video is on the simpler side yet it was widely requested so I figured that I could do it despite my move that is quickly approaching. Since I filmed this, my house has been packed up (including all my shoes) and I was actually packing during the filming of this, so not all of my shoes are shown here. I kept it strictly to high heeled shoes/sandals (not boots- I may do another video on my heeled and flat boots if there is a call for it), and a few flats at the end.

This video was done with raw audio from the camera, so there is some white noise. This video has no talking in it, I think it is my first no-talking video, and I don’t think I will be doing a lot of those (if any) in the future unless done in the same type of video (modeling). I had thought about adding a whisper track and decided against it by the end, as I rather liked the silence that accompanied the click clack of the shoes. So this video is SUPER simple, I suggest watching it while studying or having it as a sleep track. I have one more video this month which I believe will be an unintelligible whisper, we shall see! If there are any triggers you want me to sneak into that one, let me know soon. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you like this very simple video on my high heel collection! I was excited to show you them all in action, and I think fans of the high heel walking sound will enjoy it. Thanks for watching!

Oh yeah, and all three of my cats wanted to be in this video, so there you have it.


wolf love says:

Nice cat lol

Mechogama says:

Im not gonna lie. This is givin me tingles

Juliet The Gemini says:

her cat is so cute in the back

Random ASMR says:

~Subscribe for a Subscribe~

LaDolcevita says:

They look great but are they comfortable?

zzffzfz fzfzfzzfzf says:

Perfect for foot fetish <3

daydreaming says:

Just noticed, who was whispering around 3:24 brittanyasmr

Lee Knight says:

Please marry me 🙂 or at least let me take you on a date

Rowen Fowler says:

The cats jus chillin in the back

LeafyBeafyxd says:

Always nice to hear from the foot fetish community

BlackbirdAsmr says:

I love your cats

Sparkling Noodles says:

Outfit and shoes In number 3 was stunning 🙂

reloadone says:

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,

Karl Hans says:

i would like to lick those legs

Omar Prota says:

Thanks Princess Brittany ♥

Terry man says:

subscribing asap

Ethan Sizemore says:

I have a high heel fetish

Lucía MD says:

I llloooove your kittens!

SkyFire says:

12:54 just made me laugh so hard XD

Жижа Поняшкина says:


Michelle Holm says:

annnnnd happy birthday video.

Cassie B says:

That water dripping noise… Misophonia response, eek!!

KinkyWolfie says:

My roommate showed me his ASMR videos. I never realized the hype until I came across this video! The clicking noises give me goosebumps.

Jaye IMVU says:

why is this age restricted lol

Andrew Adams says:

Could you do another asmr shoe collection like this but can you walk closer to the camera just trying to give input but great video

Austin Rausch says:

Tbh I was low key judging the shoes themselves than listening

Scarlett Whisperer says:

love your heel collection!!

TixOn Demand says:

great video. please make more with some boots. knee highs. and call a plumber for that faucet lol

Ashley Baker says:

those are clod hoppers not heels…heels Makena different sound lol!

Mellisa S says:

Lime green dress looks stunning on you!

gino4367 says:

The green skirt is totally hot on you WOW!

Michelle Holm says:

why is this age restricted????

Ella Bowden says:

As I was watching this I was actually becoming curious of what dress you would wear next XD

IcyFireSpiritDragon says:

Why is this even age restricted?

Wally West says:

i want bucky barnes to wear your 1st outfit on his date w/ tony & steve.

Dana Le says:

Why is it age-restricted? YouTube is messed up…

Schneidropov says:

I don’t have a foot fetish but I love the sound of shoes clicking :3 thank you for the video! 😀

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