Waterfall braid hairstyle for medium/long hair tutorial ✿ For beginners, on yourself

Hey there! In this hair tutorial I’ll show you step by step how to create a twisted waterfall braid – a super cute hairstyle for both medium length and long hair. At first it might appear a bit complicated, but believe me, it’s easier than you think! This twisted version is actually a simplified variation of a classic waterfall braid, suitable even for beginners 🙂 If you try it out, show me your results on Instagram with: #LilithMoonHair @LilithMoonLife

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R Zeabau says:

I did this and I’m 11 and it worked everyone wants me to do it to them at school thanks

Kohana Patra says:

it looks soo nice

satyajit mondal says:

this is amazing

iluvgarden says:

Thanks for the wonderful video… I learnt to do this hairstyle.

Reshma Dawra says:

I love this hairstyle

opi ralte says:

I love it so much

drawing hub by jiya aren says:


Ishika sharma says:

lilith moon u r soo fast nd ur hairstyles r d best nd easiest..

amit singh says:


Faisl Quraishi says:

wow that’s very nice but it’s hard

Penny Thatcher says:

+LILITH MOON, I’m trying so hard but could u go slower in the beginning. Just like the first 3 or 4?

Anna Varna says:

Очень здорово!

Lolitochka Kapranova says:

А есть такая причёска на русском языке?

Nicole Murphy says:

If you’re having trouble, try doing them on a friend first, then when you get good at that try it on yourself. Thats how I learned to French braid on myself without a mirror.

Destiny Chavez says:

god damn slow tf down

Sam Varquez says:

I thought this was a tutorial, your going too fast. Isn’t this for beginners?

Sara Kennedy says:

This is impossible. I tried the thing thousands of time but failed

Vaspula Krishna says:

thanks from a wonderful video I learnt this hairstyle

Rani Devi says:

very beautiful l am like this video

Eman Imran says:

Wow amazing awesome fabulous I need help

abdul salam says:

MJG Builder says:

ur voice is so annoying and this video is so confusing

Nely Deacu says:


Farkhanda Jabbin says:

I like this hairstyle

Baby Rose says:

this is impossible

Nely Deacu says:


ste buck says:

You are to fast

Erika Buduan says:

I love it!!!

simply me says:

Sooo hard :/// I can do a Dutch braid, French braid, and regular braid etc. but I can never get this one.

Wisley Dicen says:

I steal Practicing

Jhil Dawn says:

so hard

Maisie Grimwood says:

I AM Wereing it for School

Shifat Khan says:


sophie la blonde says:


Arbaz Asad says:

its cool

Krutika's Art Gallery says:

thank you

Mariana Perez says:

I’ve been watching lots of these and this one was more better than others

Ramalingeswara Rao says:

where will you live ?

Jhitch Mhi says:

slowly pls.. you’re too fast

Eman Sheikh says:

very nice. and thank you for guide me

Orchid Mind says:

At the very first I thought that u r a Barbie doll

Shîvâlî Øö says:

gooooooodd 🙂

Mum heart says:

wow.. it’s looking so cool I have tried it Lilith

naranjah ong says:

hate this because when you do it your hair will go up

Elisa Zarate says:

me encantan

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