Tutorial: How to Fade

Just a basic fading tutorial. This is how I learn’t how to fade and the way I continue to fade every time.

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johndevault says:

Good video but it would have been nice to see the finished cut.

Sammy Rueman says:

Chris are you on fbook? I recently qualified as a barber

the one and only says:

to get rid of the lines do you use it open or closed?

george noneofyourbusiness says:

I try to cut my own hair and sometimes it is difficult to do the back of my head. Please do a video on how to do to back. I.E. How high to bring the line up in the back to start the fade. Great video. Thanks.

murray smith says:

That doesn’t look like a 0.5 into a 2 more like a 0.5 into a 1

appa the skybison says:

Bald out base guide
2.5 on sides
He raises the base guide bc client wanted
Flick with the 1.5
0 guard flick in first line

charles harton says:

good cut bro was thinking about getting the newer version of the I guess the speedmaster 2. but what is the name of this song

Barbara Aissa says:


Terrell Charles says:

What clipper u used here bro and what’s the cost and where can i order thanks alot

jordy javier says:

post more videos

sam rueman says:

What is your zero guard ?? Smallest I am aware of is 0.5 and I am just finishing 2 years barber college. Is this for a different brand clipper ?

John Smith says:

15 seconds ‘ hey man!!! What the he’ll you doing?!!’ Lol hahahahahahahahahaha

harken says:

i been cutting my own hair for a while now and do friends here and there. I use an oster set passed down to me by my father but i noticed at the shop and on videos people say “1 and a half”. My oster set uses inches such as 1/16 or 3/8 inch. Is there some conversion to associate a 1, 2 or 3 to these inch measurements?

Christina Beaupain says:

what is this song??? 🙂

Mike H says:

Hey Chris, Question:
If i first start low on the sides with Wahl Open (no guard) — then next would be #1 also open…
What size i should use to erase the line between “No guard open” and #1open??
the #1 Closed???

Or lets say I want to start with #1 closed on lowest on the side..
the next would #2 Closed …
If i want to erase the Line between these 2 , what should i use??

sam.2017 00 says:


David Sanders says:


vice brutmeister says:

whats the song in the background?

Briana Arrsal says:

The background music i found so annoying, i couldnt even concentrate on the video with that song on

Niall Dwan says:

does raising the silver lever at the side create a 0.5 cut ? or do you have to buy the 0.5 guard ???


nice video easily explain new sub here

Evotic says:

is that Censer ? lol

briana Sarmiento says:

you make it looks so easy…if only

Definite E.Y says:

is there a specific clipper needed ?

Marquis Muscle says:

When you make a video can you put in the description in order what size you used in order.

ceelocc1 says:

What about the right side?

Hexiarmin says:

Nice fade! Can you please tell me the name and brand of each clipper you used?
I am moving to Europe in November and won’t be able to use my American clippers there. Thanks

julie pelland says:

i Just started to use clippers to cut my boyfriends hair and its the first time I tried to cut hair. His cut ended up looking military style because I put the fade to high. because the top of his hair isn’t that long…how to i do a nicer, lower fade when his hair is a still a bit short?

MrCrimene says:

What comb is that

Natsuki Hama says:

can you please make a video that shows the how to the back as well for the undercut and or disconnect?? I would like to see how you work around cowlick etc. Thank you kindly.

Barbers League says:


benjaminchyau says:

Wwould the fade on the back of the head also be the same technique? Sorry I’ve never cut hair before

JoseAngel Musquiz says:

i really enjoy watching your tutorials. i cut hair as well but i enjoy watching you explain and show what you do. thank you for sharing your knowledge.

jorge281511 says:

Nicely done. What do you use to keep their hair wet? Is it just water or something else

Laughin livin says:

i would be nice if you zoom out video in the end

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