This video was uploaded SPECIFICALLY to show you guys what I did wrong in my bleaching process. I had intended on showing you guys the steps I take to bleach my hair and color it, but with my lack of knowledge lead to this video. I hope you all enjoy and find this video useful in some way.

** DISCLAIMER** I am in no way shape or form a professional hairstylist or cosmetologist. I have bleached my hair in the past with no issues, but apparently my hair has gotten tired of my experimenting on it and these are my results! lol!! PLEASE just learn from ALL mistakes and take note on WHAT NOT TO DO!!

Response Video: “How I recovered?” [https://youtu.be/_8qEcQFQbR4]
Let’s Talk | UPDATED| “Bleaching Gone Wrong” Hair Journey from THEN-NOW video: https://youtu.be/2eWGDxgMlIY

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Zailex Diaz says:

I am so sorry about your hair

radiojh chris says:

I want my hair like that but I want my hair to be black

Kenneth Shepherd says:

you look just like.

a boy. jk

kris b says:

it was in too long and u now should use a toner

JustGoOneDirection says:

You would get no lift with a 10 volume developer. 20 volume lifts about 1-2 levels. 30 volume lifts 2-3 levels. 40 lifts 3-4 levels. So you were correct with your choice of developer. However, 40 volume is really difficult to work with because you can over-process SO quickly. 🙂 (I’m a cosmetology student)

Elizabeth Jacob says:

you look like crhis brown

jackie blue says:

This is why I hate bleach.who likes bleach?its not good to drink

rashidi sanos says:

tbh I think it look good but it was in too long

francesca brint says:

I really like it…the color is so pretty.

ロージーユリ says:

it doesnt look bad

bertha darwin says:

that looks tight tf u mean

Lillybell Jearum says:

Don’t worry I think it looks cool

kenny says:

How is your hair “natural” when you chemically processed it? That’s not natural.. Just saying.

princess smith says:

i never put bleach in your hair

Bree White says:

lol Ramon noodle head!

ritaxx babes says:

u broke ur elasticity down boo…i hope it all got better…remember virgin hair can be colored without bleach…maybe not as blonde as u wanted tho

Mariah Ponte says:

Cause you used 40 volume on already chemically treated hair !!

Kimsea Chea says:

you know it’s real when you feel like eating ramen.

Kiki K Darling says:

It’s really not that bad. Tone it, trim it and you’re good to go.

kris b says:

shes so sweet though

Julie Vargas says:

use toner to get rid of nasty bleach orange

WatchItAgain : says:

I always wanted to bleach my hair and then dye it light grey but im too scared to bleach it lol

imjustamusician says:

Guuuuys. You do not need high strength developer. All developers lift to the same colour depending on how high end the products you’re using are.

Unknown Lindsay Lohan says:

0:01 I thought that was a condom

Michelle Jennson says:

hair over time does lose its porous strength even more when dyed causing problems easier and hair will not take color as well

BoxOfPaNcakes says:

Looks like a rainbow at the back

Michelle Jennson says:

also the chemicals like any will change the follicles in hair hence why it was “loose” always find out your hairs strength before home dye and a second time in a row is asking for a chemical hair cut.

Tata Bankin says:

I love how you used this as a positive video! There have been so many times I’ve done my hair wrong and didn’t know what I did wrong. Your so sweet

Robert says:

@ 4:50 You totally thought you could turn your head fast enough to see the back of your head ahaha.

Michelle Jennson says:

first thing wrong is you didn’t do a stretch test on your hair

J Deas says:

I think it looks good though. Am I the only one? It’s beautiful golden hair.

Nadiya Clark says:

It’s pretty what you talkin bout

TheLegend27TV says:

I bleached my hair, the reason it was orange is becuz you didnt let the bleach sit in long enough in the back. I speak from experiance

She Shakur says:

That’s exactly what happened to me. lost my curls, and 90 % of my hair as time went by.. smh… Epic fail for me too.. But I was in love with color. I’m about to be blond all over again. With better care this time

Jennifer Durkin says:

no 40…ugh!!!

Kejon Lowe says:

She left it in too long

Terry Wood says:

I bleach/color my hair all the time, and originally had the same problem.

You can fix the unevenness of bleaching by gobbing all the bleach goop all at once on the top of your head and then use a comb to work the bleach into your hair. Comb your entire head of hair every which way until completely worked in. A comb will work the bleach into your hair faster and more thoroughly than the brush.

Pierce Boykin says:

you look just like Issa Raye

Brent Testerman says:

Not that bad young lady. It might not be what you expected but it looks pretty dang cool! Maybe a little blue toner. Have you ever tried Shimmering lights purple shampoo? You got guts kiddo! Peace

Kelly McCabe says:

looks like ramen noodles

fabio bunda says:

i like it its good not joking

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