The Perfect Halo Braid for Short Hair | NewBeauty Tips and Tutorials

There is the perfect braid for every hair type. To prove it, Riawna Capri, co-owner of the 901 Salon in West Hollywood, CA, will show us how to do the halo braid, which works beautifully for short, fine hair. Watch to learn the basic techniques of French braiding and find out how to do this celebrity-favorite braid.

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riku lynn says:

This so doesn’t work with my hair lol. I have pixie like hair

medallion persaud says:

I am trying that hair style now

royna plaza says:

i want to learn too for my kids

donita silvano says:

wow! just wow

I loved foxes before the song says:

I was almost done with first braid When I realized that I can’t do it BECAUSE I GOT A FREAKING UNDER SHAVE

Ellen says:

This isn’t really a french braid though. In a french braid you ad pieces of hair to the outer strands not the center like this one. I got confused when she send french braid and starting adding hair to the center piece which I’ve never done before. When doing the hairstyle yourself it’s really hard, especially once you get to the back of the head, to figure out where all the hair is going when you’re trying to find the center piece to add hair to. Going to need lots of practice for this one.

Catie F says:

I’d like to see someone do a halo braid for short thick hair. I end up with a braid four times as thick if not more :/

TheClumsyJedi says:

I want this braid SO BAD…but my fingers don’t work like that. :/

rumination says:

the americans are very brusque. cant she do it with some finesse.

LekiaLPTBeauty says:

This is too cute! Going to try tomorrow

Cheryl G says:

very beautiful and easy! Thanks.  Will try for sure.

Mar Vinke says:

Muy bonito y natural, lástima que la cámara enfoca a la peluquera demasiado a menudo y es bastante molesto . El video es para el peinado o para la peluquera?

chew hock chai says:


Yvng Queen says:

Can you please do my hair

Ainz Nation says:

Your a professinal

Argie Cabuhayan says:

woman hear style

Argie Cabuhayan says:


Elizabeth Smith says:

Yay! Time to go fail at trying this

Anna Watson says:

Awesome and really easy to do

كو كه1 says:




nina bellala says:


Dar Marie says:


Park Bomi says:

I don’t know how you do it that easy … I’m so amazed I don’t know how to do it correctly


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Pat Blanco says:


kissyhot1 says:

put it in the middle? ive been braiding wrong for years then. I thought you added it to the closest side and then brought all that to the middle. can someone help? my 8 year olds want their hair like this tomorrow (1st day of school)

Argie Cabuhayan says:


Argie Cabuhayan says:

child is verry buetefull

Jella Bernabe says:

I can do it to myself so cute oh my gouch…

Sonia Romero says:

it was very nice until she pulled some out then it looks all old

caroline ipessa says:

You need *Argan Rain natural sahmpoo.* It contains 100% natural argan oil and full of ingredients which good for hair to keep it healthy! They work for all types of hair, and since ı’ve been using it – I’ve had no more dead ends, tangles, dry or oily hair!- They work great. My whole family uses it and have seen lots of improvement.

Adrianna August says:

how much can I pay u to do my hair?

Fatuma Ahmed says:

meanwhile me sitting here with my damaged hair

Evita Jakosalem says:

Its awesome

Eeva T says:

braiding is like a sport – you have to practise it before you’re good at it. if you wan’t to do pretty braids to your self, all you can do is to start practising.

Cana jeon says:

The video hairstyle speed is going too fast

bookofsnow says:

would this work doing a dutch braid instead of french?

Layla Cisneros says:

My hair is so fine that it literally falls apart. Curls don’t even last

fa her says:

te quedo muy bonito

Michelle Mateo says:

Oh My Gosh Super Beautiful hair I Like This Vedio

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