Super Simple Balayage || Hair Tutorial

Easy and gorgeous balayage!
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Hamna Sohail says:

Which colour is this???

M G says:

Is that Angela Valdez???

Pao Sur says:

titulo en castellano y video en ingles.. 🙁

Marielle says:

Will this be safe for people with scalp allergies? I have allergies and one time my mom also swelled up and she never dyes her hair anymore however, I want to go blonde but not have the same allergy reaction as my mom

Geovana Beatriz Curl says:

I just noticed that the girl is not the same!!! fake!

Lola Marr says:

Beautiful work. I did my own hair take a look not so bad for a beginner

Romans116 says:

Some artist say don’t paint backside of hair but then some artist use paddle and slide the paddle full of bleach on the backside when brushing the tips of the hair. How does this make sense?

Viki Ramirez says:

cortinas y mechas cruesas

Maria Gaytan says:

Love it

Kristina Marquez says:

Great work,as always!

ylecara noiloc says:

Love ur work u r an artist, where are u located?

macarena torres says:

De compras solo por arriba? Abajo queda tal cual?

Ben Pham says:

I have never write anything on youtube . but this is so wrong. the lay out is Somebre not balayage
shade EQ from Redken process on hair dry hair ( 70- 100% dry ) best result is when hair completed dry

Money magz MILLY MAGS&SPORTS fan888 says:

Would I be able to go from highlights to something like this?

Москва KG says:

Что она вставляет между прядями?

Hamna Sohail says:

Please tell me

MJay Lith says:

Great, loved it, easier to understand, and no unnescessary bla bla bla!

Cee Thompson says:

Its lovely, and I love matrix, great work xx

Silver Girl says:

What is surface oil? Great job!

livre cahier says:


Fionne Pham says:

great video! I tried to do this several times but always ended up with weird lines around my roots area bc I would go too high randomly. where do you tend to stop the bleach?

I also get really brassy orange hair after bleaching. would eq 6NB be able to remove brassiness too? 🙂

شهد سمي والقمر رسمي العراقي says:

روعه و مو طبيعي

Roberto kioshi says:

speak so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucchhhhhhhh

Carla M. Crawford says:

Good job!

li Ly says:

Great video!! I have the same dark brown hair color, Can I color my hair like that (30vol dev and so) on a straightened hair? (I have X-tenso L’oreal straightning). Thanks!

Amy Griffith says:

I’m not a hair stylist but enjoy watching these videos and I apologize if you’ve already answered this but you mention ph bonder and surface that something you’ve added with the lightener? Thank u!

Micaela Rodríguez Lopez says:

Hola Saludos gracias por compartir..¿qué matiz es ?Gracias

Juana Huerta Espinoza says:

Ermosos cambios

Yağmur T says:

Its not balayage .its ombre

aristayos says:

a great blah blah bleak bullshit
sponsored by Redken and Matrix/ l’oréal

Destiny S says:

Where’s your salon located? Just curious

lou dane says:

Try using 20 vol. in my 19-year, professional opinion, 20 can accomplish a lot more than people give it credit for, all while damaging the hair less

Milena Espinola says:

Hola que tal? me podrías decir como realizó un balayage en un cabello con raíces 5 y largos un tono anaranjado ? para obtener un tono 10.1 ??

Chi B. says:

Hello! Awesome video! As a fellow cosmetologist I just want to add a little info because I recently completed a Redken Color Class and learned that the Shades EQ Gloss is supposed to be applied on dry hair and also it needs to process for a full 20 minutes. Since using this method the gloss lasts a lot longer on my clients. Now the whole salon does it this way. We were all sitting in the class going ok we gotta change some things. ♥️

Jen Nay says:

I may have missed this in the video but what level did she get her to for the 6nb?

Julius Rosel says:

thanks alot for this tutorial simple balayage…..iv got an appointment today for this tech.ill try this and add for something…….hehehehehehehe

Julissa sandoval inoñan says:

Que color es el que aplicastes ?

Milena Espinola says:

la tintura se coloca en seco en las partes decoloradas o como ??

livre cahier says:

congratulations for this beautiful can tell me what is the mixture of hue that you put to have this color? And what mark of hue?

Marco Ruiz says:

Hata la webas

Katherine Prush says:

Hey Lexi! I love this video! How much would you typically mix for a full balayage like this? Thanks!


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Hailey NM says:

What products did you use?

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