Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial

my blog: http://www.ebeautyblog.com

music by: Kevin MacLeod – Windswept


LibrarianWho says:

This looks a lot like Clara’s hairstyle in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS. I love it!

nehan khan says:

I don’t know about the hair but your hands are really very pretty☺☺

Kitisak Khamsingnok says:

이지혜 says:

새삼 궁금해졌는데 헤어핀으로 쓰이는 실핀은 언제 개발된걸까요?

noteasy 321 says:

I love ur voice ❤️

Khushi Chethan says:

ur skin s so clear wats the secret

Murwyn Hancock says:

i like the music too

Galactic Lightning Gaming says:

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Rosario Rolon says:

I love this ,it looks like Evie’s hairstyle in AC

imana fana says:

it’s so easy and beautiful I love it

Sura Zahra says:


Pengumpul Video says:

i a men.. hearing ur voice makes me turned on… lol

Alina Ferar says:

sidonia e cretoare

Edy Alfaro says:

están bellos

Joswin Maravilla Varela says:

nice yes cutee

yessy figueroa says:

Love the hairstyle but also can I just say I felt like when I listen to meditation videos not only for the music but you also have such a calm and relaxing voice. You could start doing that too I tell you…. You got potential girl…

Murwyn Hancock says:

thanks….a new one for me ….

Fahrezi Hiyabu says:

bagus bangat

Halimah Sodia says:

is it weird that i twist my hair like this when im bored xD

Fernanda fabiola says:


Howraa Al_Hassani says:

واو اكيد اسويهه

Fightgghbb Ghjknfdbnvcb says:

Good luck

Adi mafaza says:


rumination says:

it is such a beautiful and feminine hairdo. it would look nice on someone in their 30s or older. it looks nice on you as well.

amelia hermawati says:

ahhhhhh itu mah yg rambut nya panjang nora banget sih

Sisi Angel says:

very nice hair style

Umera Khan y says:

where have you been

Williane Nascimento says:


Charismaticbuddy says:

Beautiful hairstyle.

Pear love สกุชี่ Love love says:


Mimi Mi says:

Love this tutorial

이트둥 says:

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