Running Late Hair Fixes | No Heat, 8 Styles!

I hope this helps those of you who are running late all the time like i am 😉
These styles work with both curly and straight hair, i just showed it with messy curls because curls are a little bit harder to tame!

Thanks for watching!!


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Cr odriguez says:

did anyone think she look similar to Ariana Grande?

Shmena Marshmallow says:

Step 1: have curly hair

Michelle G says:

All these bad hair day videos, don’t understand what a bad hair day is. if my hair looked that on a bad hair day I would rejoice lol


She is so pretty 🙂 🙂 I also wish I had her hair:(

guacemoly says:

her morning bun was actually so nice omg

Jazzy Taylor says:


Bliss Josy says:

Jasmine Braid is my favorite

Naz Agh says:

This is a cool video

Rebecca Vitale says:

I used to sleep with my hair up but I always woke up with messy hair and now I sleep with it down

AubreyCheer22 says:

I hate when they say “put a hat or beanie on.” Like is my school the only school that has a rule saying you can’t wear hats, hoods, beanies, etc. during the school day???? Ik this isn’t just for school, but still.

john doherty says:

What if you are not allowed to wear hats n class

nomorecookies says:

Love this! I still think I would somehow mess this up though lol

Thomaschavez Minecraft799 says:

t amo.

Erin Kong says:

7:10 It kinda looks like a French braid

Crazy Gaming Girl says:

I love this video cuz I’m always doing a ponytail or doing two French braids so know I can look different

Yaya Vazquez says:

thanks so much….. really need some ideas for my lil one…

Jazzy Taylor says:

To look like you is life goals

Reegan Jones says:

imma Ariana Grande fan…HATERS BACK OFF!!!!

amygiggles says:

Sooo cute.

G.N.M says:

Haha she says her hair is a mess… her messy hair is my neat hair

Tatum Juarez says:

Im always in my comfortable outfit because why not

Veronica Aguilar says:

Noo she has straight wavy hair

alison jensen says:


danielle alyssa says:


Alina Aman says:

the half up half down doesnt look like arianas hairstyle


love your hair

tie P says:

Reality: No time to fixed hair, run as fast as flash and pray that the teacher is also late. You’re not Filipino, you don’t understand our struggle lol

Karen Tilleria says:

When your hair is so think you can’t even make a braid ;-;

M.A.G.S says:

I have so much hair. I seriously want to go bald and donated it all

dzsofia21 says:

My favourite is the last one ♥ ♥

Emily Boyle says:

why wouldn’t you brush your hair

Delaney Sundberg says:

love ur hair its so pretty and so r u

Kim Raven says:

I love your hair! <3

Monica Masariegos says:

Is it just me or did any other Directioner’s hear “Kiss You” in the beginning of this video…

Gemma Carey xx says:

Uhhh I’m jealous bc u look like Emma Watson…:((((

new07 Me says:

thank you

Nikola Kubicka says:

I was just looking for cute hairstyles and I found that so thanks so much and love your “Jasmine” hairstyle 🙂

A.X. R.M. says:

These hairstyles would work on my hair.My hair is really thick.My hair is naturally straight.I wish I had Wavy hair or Curly hair.I think whenever I curl my hair it looks fuller and thicker than it is.The most compliments I have gotten is strangers talking about my hair.I gotten a lot of positive comments on my fiscal appearance.
Step 1.Brush out my hair.
Step 2.Leave my hair down.
Step 3.Style my hair to get it out of my face.

Miranda Rodriguez says:

We all kno that all those hairstyles don’t take less than 3min

Aurora's Here says:

U should calm down with movements on ur forehead, it can cause wrinkles at a younger age

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