NEW Hair Color Transformation – 15 Amazing Beautiful Hairstyles Tutorial Compilation 2017!

NEW Hair Color and hair cut Transformation – 15 Amazing Beautiful Hairstyles Tutorial Compilation 2017!


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sam hernandez says:

music is so annoying on this video

Anime Trash says:

I have a question. Im dying my hair dark blue and i have SUPER dark brown hair. Should i bleach it or get a new color?

Vicky says:

some of these were over hyped and really were not that great

Kaitlinn Norton says:

I wish I had purple hair

Aquarius Lady says:

hairstylists never cease to amaze!

Mikichan85 says:

i want the pink hair like on the last hair style! TT____TT

رانيا بوزيان says:

حمبوكم قولولي هدا وين

Floofle qwp says:


Catriona Hoff says:

Hi. love the video! I really want to do something amazing and unique with my hair but I’m not sure what. My hair is quite short.

Feagain clan says:

Why didthe second girl look like lil tay…..

انيقه ورقيقه says:

هل أجد 100مستغفر

Merel De Decker says:

First song ?

Lis 4K says:

When I worked as a hait stylist, nobody hold my papers for the highlights and colour 😀

Nikii Neeves says:

This makes me miss having pink hair 🙁

Mandy says:

4:10 That would suck when the fire alarm goes off and you have to get out of the building

Pop Tart says:

New this was made a year AGO

Marietta Varga says:

The pink-red is very ugly and scary.

Parcerita Col Lds says:

por que sera que todos los pelukeros Gay sacuden el pelo y lo echan hacia adelante jejejeje

Anil Verma says:

Hair colour new fashion

Lakshmi Deyedith Martinez Doming1uez says:

Alguien me puede dexir como se llama la espuma que se pone en el pelo despues de la decoloracion y se pone matizador o no

Naomi Secred Naomi says:

There is not what is on the title picture

Evelyn Cryer says:

#1 looks like a unicorn

TheSpasticAvenger says:

Hair Porn

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