Messy Pompadour – Mens Hair Tutorial & Hairstyle

Today is all about the messy. I present the “Modern Pompadour” and a few techniques that I hope you find helpful! Thanks for taking the time to watch!!

Products Used:
– Rusk St8
– TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray:
– Mr. Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste (use “Joe” for 15% off at
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Songs Used: Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Pretty Pink Edit)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)
Outro Song: The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (K Theory & TYR Remix)


MIGU3L2K says:

God damn, I don’t see his fucking scalp what-so-fucking-ever when his hair is wet, not only that, but his hair looks amazing when wet…I seriously am thinking about going back to buzzcut…
:'( sucks having thin, curly, hair that stops growing at a certain point…

SkyVengeance says:

Fuck I don’t have a blow dryer

stefanus alexander says:

@BluMaan how long your hair in this video?

Barbaric Motivation Gaming says:

I have a question,i really need to get rid of my unibrows,i am a boy,teenager,so should I use Blade or something else?Also,Does Getting Rid Of That Hair With The Help Of Razor/Blades Increases The Growth Of The Hair On That Part?Plz Reply…

Harun Razvi says:

you make good videos m8

Juan Gutierrez says:

how long is your hair on top like the front part and the back part

Sam Lymburner says:

how do I do this with curly hair?

saumya kumar pandey says:

this is cool

Chüd says:

What’s the point of hairstyles with that beautiful hair. watching him play with it and I’m shook

Harsha Paladugu says:

Whenever I try going the other way it just goes all weird and i can’t get it to go up

7Suave says:

Ok I need to know. Do you use heat or the cool setting on the blow drier. And what’s the difference? When I use heat, my hair gets so dry and frizzy

J. Falcon says:

can you use hair oil instead of crea?

AllThatsAustin says:

I did a similar video a little while ago! Check mine out for more inspiration!

Shsbshgagavzv Zhdhxhd says:

live your hair grow that passed you ear and show us video what can you do long hairstyle ♥♥♥♥♥

HeadPhoneWolfXD says:

brendon urie anyone?

L says:

James Dean


Blu maan not available in India…..plz make it so fasty


Joe please make a video about which hair products should I use in India…I can’t afford Blumaan

H3X Plays says:

+BluMaan can I use hair wax instead of beeswax also can I just put the blow dryer on medium instead of heat tamer because I can’t find any please respond.

Clash With Ben says:

Great video but I don’t have time to do this in the morning

Ajay Ajay says:

anything works with you BrO

LCBZ nno says:

what cream u use?

The Old Gentleman says:

How does your hair just pop up like that I think its my length on my hair makes it go straight back…

RedA Tech says:

how to get chiseled jawline ?!

RusSoul Cercher says:

is his hair dyed?

Zachary Buyalos says:

how long is your hair
in the video like front to back. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS


which hair and face product should I use in India

Robert K says:

Allright, i need to confess, I see these videos and right before it starts with how to deal with the hair, I’m allready like, dude it looks awesome!

VincentA33 says:

Background, red hot chili peppers

ImDibb says:

this man could shave his head and still look 10 times better than me

Dylan Southern says:

what is it with dude trying to look like Pidgeot and chic’s digging it. gayyyyy

Blue Arcade says:

Thanks, This Helps ALOT (:

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