Men’s Messy/Voluminous Hairstyle Tutorial | Men’s Hair 2016

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First RealBarberTv video:

Hey Everyone! Hope you enjoyed this weeks video! Thumbs up for big hair!! I will see you guys soon! Thanks for watching!

Product Used: Original by BluMaan
Hair Length: Top- 6.5 inches, Sides- .5 inch

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Music: Proleter: Soul Key

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Markus Johnsen says:

Ca how long is your hair? (Cm)

Lakeside [ASMR] says:

doesn’t work

iFisher says:

YEP>>>>>> LOVED IT!@!!

Rhett S says:

Your hair looks way better to the left… Your right

Marko Stošić says:

Thanks for this awsome trick dude 😀 Big thumbs up!!

Chrisppy2p says:

It looks great, but doesn’t look like it could hold up to the slightest breeze. That’s my only problem with it

Sneaker Boy Fresh says:

I looked up fuckboy haircut

Chaz Raskin says:

You look like Ice Man from X-men

Zainon Awang says:

U wear glasses n looking better than me

Kevin Chen says:

How long does the hairstyle last?

Ethan Francis says:

Canadian eh

GentleGuy says:

you look like a sloth

Camron Thibodeau says:

Nice name bud

Burnt Toaster Strudel says:

2:57 i wish i could get my hair to look like that lol

Mateo Olivo says:

what’s the name of your haircut???



Kira says:

How can I get less volume in my hair? I’ve always had the problem that I have just too much volume in my hair and even If I use wax or anything else, I just can’t really get it under control

MF 8 says:

I comb my hair to right side but the end of each strand is to the left and it looks weird…..

Haha Lol Plz says:

so I saw a lot of you hair guys and noticed that you dont really care about how your neck hair look.. are you happy with the way it grows in the back? just curious

Дмитрий Годын says:

nice hair, nice tips, nice guy, i like

Patrick Conroy says:

Messy hair looks so juvenile, gay and ugly.

Saul Rodriguez says:

year late… How do you achieve that incredible looking hair? any tips?

Austin Hautala says:

i want this type of hair, but how do you deal with wind? it just blows it all directions and messes up your hair

Kris Boyette Jr says:

so mAny uhs

Phil Shooter says:

How tall is this nigga he taller than his fukin door.

Twice Mixx M.Z says:

you look like a fucking idiot kid.

Kevincortez Aruas says:

Does anyone know the measurements to this haircut???

Alex Wales says:

Your hair gave me a quarter chub #nohomo

Saad Hassan says:

His hair are goals. I am jealous.

Gabriel AlxB says:

what if the wind starts to blow

AestheticBrah says:

bro i literally have the same style with hair type going on but my problem is that my hair is falling in front of my face and out of style writhing a couple of hours

Alex Dobre says:

I like it!

Silas Tautau says:

does your haircut have a name or something. literally every time I go to the barber I have the worst time trying to explain how I want my to look and this is exactly how I want it.

Empty Shadow says:

I’m bald, I just watch these videos to cry

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