Life Before GHD Hair Straighteners! (1948 Straightening Tutorial for Black Women’s Hair)

Life Before GHD Hair Straighteners, taken from the reel “Hairdressing” in the British Pathe Film Archive. 1940s hair tutorial for African women, in which various techniques are applied to straight out straighten the lady’s hair.

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Daisy Fields says:

Personally I love the natural curls black men and ladies have I think a well maintained fro is beautiful I’m actually jealous of natural curls I’d love them but unfortunately I’m cursed with straight hair that has a very annoying kink in the middle back in the late 80s I had perms done they ruined my hair but at least I had curls now I only curl my hair if I’m going somewhere In the evening because it takes to long to do otherwise

heymitchy01 says:

the girl getting her hair done looks like she’s mixed 🙂

Roxi Smith says:

I don’t know her BUT That model is REALLY BEAUTIFUL and sweet smile. So does The Hairdresser is too!! 🙂

Vanessa White says:

I think it is surprising that in 1948 they were talking about black hair care.

Justin Hopkins says:

The days before disgusting weaves and tracks. This woman’s hair is beautiful.

Jungkooks Cream says:


KillinMasheen says:

i thought it was funny how the narrator kind of made the comment about their hair already being curly and how most women wanted it so. he just seemed so confused lol xD

Miabia100 says:

ah, yes, i hate my kinks. Love my straight locks.

SpamWarrior3000 says:

When I was a kid I had a friend whose grandmother straightened her hair with hot combs. Half the time she had burns on the back of her neck or her ears where the combs touched.

Ashleigh Heitz says:

“But do they like it?, They’re Women aren’t they?” lmfao

Inika Insecktorb says:

I guess they hadn’t figured out to do perming in reverse for African hair??

beautifulhue27 says:

Make commercials skippable!!!!


They still do this in some places. 🙂

Saving/me says:

What are the secret oils?

Izzy Odge says:

Oh my gosh the time it would’ve taken to do this!

whatevernamelmfao says:

born with a permanent perm lol wtf

Laura Espinal says:

I recently found out people get perms for curls… I was shocked. I only knew straightener perms.

pete wentz screaming in the distance says:

The girl who’s having her hair done was beautiful omg

iEatEmos says:

“But do they like it? They’re women aren’t they?” haha I love it.

Tyti says:

I just know she has heat damage 🙁

Chloe Rarity says:

wow thats so cool thank god for ghds tho

Typical Jada and Naailah says:

My grandma use a hot comb for my hair and my hair does not turn out like that

MɨҡɛʏքօօɦɮɛaʀJaċҡsօռ says:

Oh god! not the hot comb. I hated that thing.

Roxi Smith says:


PinkLight 444 says:


Annie Nguyen says:

Omg the dudes in these videos are savages

Fatima Saddiki says:

super beautiful

Ra Bia says:

“But do they like it? They’re women aren’t they?” LMFAOOOOOO

Tracy says:

Beautiful girl

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