Kérastase Hair Tutorial: Twisted Beach Waves

Discover how to create simple beach waves using Spray A Porter and a flat iron. No beach necessary.

Products Used:

Spray A Porter: http://bit.ly/1Ki9HOh

Laque Dentelle: http://bit.ly/1L6ALD4

Locate a Kerastase Salon: http://bit.ly/LocateSalon


Poonam Pawar says:

ohhhhh it s good method thank for this video i will try this

megan singh says:

thanks for the help

JustDonniemusic says:

Very easy to follow! Any chance you’d feature one of my songs in a video?

Krystal Lelonde says:

anyone know the song name

Cora Hutchinson says:

I have a head ache from listing to her voice

mitu cat says:


yannick avognon says:

Ayyyyyyyy Nina call me XD jk

كرار حيدر كرار حيدر says:


Rubi Corales-madrigal says:

Doesn’t the blonde girl look like Sue Snell from “Carrie”.

Talisson Alex says:


Paulita Bonita says:

stop burning your hair ladies!!!!!!! just braid your hair ….same thing

Yadira Flores says:

most dramatic vid i ever seen just to do some simple curls lolol

- Big Boss - BTS EXO - says:

This is my natural hair, and I badly want a straight hair. Bruh, I didnt know that some people want beachy waves, while here I am and hating my hair. Just sharing hi yall

Sheryleen Kaur says:

easy n fabulous way

Chloe Morgan says:

Will this work on black women ?

Nikola Janžek says:


I Do Things says:

Woah cool! 😀 im going to try this out 🙂

Gold Beige says:

beautyful liar

Djeng Vera says:

Lebih simple

genie121 says:


Amanda Dara Amadea says:


Eryka J. says:

I like how when she starts this at first the twist is by her jawline and then they are really wavy but then at the end her waves start at the top of her head and end up being more curly

Katie Lomas says:

quite qqqqq

Leah Johnsy says:

That girl looks really dumb

nara De lucca says:

I tried and It doesnt Work!

lilbigbow says:

i hate her hair part

Annie Nguyen says:

She obviously got it styled off camera

Roshni John says:

what should i do to get a perfect side bang ??

Tam Martin says:


jessica trump says:

oh this kind of hair I have when I sleep !!

Dora Udaya says:

Anyone know the straightener brand?

LoveWalker88209 says:

The red head looks like Sansa from Game of Thrones.

Nikola Janžek says:


Art by Scout Dawson says:

Look at 0:43 and then 0:53 – between those two shots a hairdresser definitely came in and did something, because there’s no way she got such a tidy result doing that.

كرار حيدر كرار حيدر says:


Zainab Zahid says:

The instrumental sounds like Unravel – the opening of Tokyo Ghoul.

OkGoGirl82 says:

Tried this idea this weekend. It didn’t look a thing like this. :/

candybears MSP says:

I got curls (beach waves then) and if you have that then its not easy to brush and if you brush it makes it big and pillowy

Rô sitta says:

Oh! very nice .

Cathculator Cath says:

This looks like a legit commercial

Daisy Tai says:

tried it, and failed miserably

September Moore says:

this was brillant

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