Check it out as Gratitude Educator Brian Haire drops some color theory on you guys and goes over the basics of lifting hair color and deciding what to do with your dominant pigment. He offers some pointers to help figure out what to do when enhancing or neutralizing to achieve your perfect end result.

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WweMariaa says:

When you dye your hair if you was to stop dying your hair will the colour disappear eventually and go back to your natural hair colour

cheryn duffield says:

You are an awesome teacher!

Lola Zombiester says:

I really want to get into a beauty school but I don’t have neither the time or the money to do it, but your videos are such a great help to me 🙂

I love and admire your amazing work !

Stephanie Mills says:

Awesome colorist, you’ve taught me so much, I did a color correction the other day and I was basically amazed that it worked. Its so simple yet I was over analyzing it.. Thanks for teaching me to be confident while working AND to stay with basic instinct and not second guess myself.

Luz Helena Orozco says:

ay porque no traducción en español

JoJoOreilly13 says:

Brilliant , Thank you

Vanessa Contreras says:

wish you used examples in depth. with color dying neutralizing and result color

Jamie Wamie says:

Love Brian and matts demonstrations

M_I_C_H_A_E_L says:

He’s really sexy


Thank you so much!

Amie Sanchez says:

Great video!

Miss Vonnie says:

You just made this sooooo much easier for me!!! Going over color theory now in class and I felt like I was learning Chinese! Thanks for this video!!!

Ashley Freeman says:

I completely love the channel

Dima Grio says:

Using loreal frost & desing I accidentally mixed the color rinse solution with the lightening powder, developer and protecting cream…can I still use it?

Gill Ashe says:

Silly question when you add in neurtalisers into formula what do you mean ? are you mixing more colour(violet) with peroxide ? at the basin ? What is toner ? Thanks so so much for your videos x really helping me refresh and up my game x 

Manju Sain says:


black hair TV says:


fray yilma says:

Thank you very much!

GuruDanWan says:

I love brian SOOOOOOO much 🙂

Mala Mohammed says:

Your tips are very helpful

Krystle Patten says:

awesome brush up, thanks 🙂

D'Unique75 Dama says:

What a blessing you are to my life…God bless you men!!! Thank you!!

Tania Espinoza says:

Thank u so much for this!

Maria Mack says:

Love all this info I need it!!!

Naomi Schu says:

Great Explanation! True make sure you really look and see what level you have lifted to in order to neutralize correctly.

Andrew Chewy says:


Connie Chee says:

I recently bleach my hair, from level 6 to level 9, my hair was yellowish with some tinge of bright orange, so I put on a blue violet semi-permanent dye plus conditioner in it, it turn my hair a muddy green color , and some part that are previously more yellow are now green/aqua green,

so i did some research online, and try to fix with the ketchup method, but it still didnt quite work out, so could you help me with this situation?

Thank you,

sunshine2049 says:

you work so well in front of the camera,  very helpful hints.  thank you!

sierrahxo says:

I’ve been in hair school for 10 months, graduating in 2 weeks. This video made toning seem so much easier. The way the chart is made is ALOT more clearer to me! Thankyou Thankyou!!!!

Hairstylist BASICS says:

that’s great! Thanx 🙂

Maria Mack says:

I love this tank you so much have more clarity now!!!!!

Lee Sennett says:

Excellent thanks for all your inputs!

NyAisa Galloway says:

I wanted to do purple but could never find the right color purple for it my hair is a 1b and I wanted to know would a A14 or a 99j Will fit me?

happyfeet119 says:

Thank you! I have taken a cutting class with Matt and his talented & passionate staff.  It definitely has helped me and also opened up new approaches to my career.  I appreciate all their sharing.

Vanessa Smith says:

It’s so helpful! Thank u 😀 I hope u will make some more of color theory

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