How to section hair with precision and accuracy

Creating clean partings doesn’t have to be difficult! In this video, Sam Villa Education Director Andrew Carruthers shares a few ways that will help you to section hair easily with precision and accuracy.

Watch now and share your parting and sectioning tips in the comments box below! We love to hear from you!

Comb used in this video: Professional long cutting comb in black


Nupur Yadav says:

I love you guys. These videos has helped me so much I can’t thank enough. Complex things made so easy.. xx

saeed zulfi says:

Thank you so much
It will be easy now.

Sharita Richardson says:

Thanks for sharing.

Yolie Hines says:

Awesome !! Thank you !!

yoyoyo26140 says:

what is this awful music in intro….seriously ruins it

G14LLAMA says:

this is such a simple skill that is over looked with new stylist

Lina De Asis says:

thanks for sharing this amazing techniques

Pooja Sharma says:

its cool

eugie says:

Excellent advise. Thanks!

Tasha Butler says:

Thanks for sharing

Raj Sharma says:

I am very glad for this video….thank you

Nasheka Medley says:

Very helpful

Courtney Badgett says:

I had a wonderful instructor in beauty school who taught us to part hair using some of these tips! I thought it was so silly at the time to be given instructions on how to part hair but looking back now it was so helpful and I appreciate that she showed us these basics; solid building blocks are so important. Great video!

Andie Ortiz says:

this was really simple and cool! thanks.

alicia says:

que bien,genio, mil gracias, eso no lo enseñan enla escuela de peluquería!!

Saba Riaz says:

hey you have shared ur experience .awesome.

Osama Raja says:

Thankx For the Video I want To Learn How To Make A 4 Section Easily please Can U Teach me .

Black Gold says:

OMG!! Thank you!! Sooooo much!!! I’m a rookie cosmetologist and I can say I’ve learned so much from y’all and Matt Beck! Man y’all are freaking awesome with these learning techniques!!

kalps says:

very thankful for sharing worked for me…

ruthy sokre says:

I want to learn about hair studio from sam villa

Олеся Трок says:

Thank you!

Jeannine K says:

I love you guys! I learned so many pointers from you guys that makes things so simple! Thank you! Keep them coming! 🙂

lal Jad says:

thank you

Angelina Castillo says:

I forgot that I used to struggle with this….

princesslanstyle says:

<3 always, <3

jerraldean beukes says:

this was so helpful! thank you so much!

Paeahi Ytoki says:

stfu and part the hair.. next!!

savinder sokhi says:

thank sooo very much for the excellent idea & guide — thnx

ايمن العراقي says:

عاشت يديك

Typical Entertainer says:

It helps I love it. Thank you for the advise !

Michelle Cook says:

I’m so happy you made this video! Even in beauty school, they never taught how to part and section with that detail. I struggled with it, and thought something was wrong with me thinking everyone just knows how to do it because no one took the time to teach it. Like it’s something you’re supposed to know.

ضحكة صفرا says:

Please, do I put the material on the hair or just wet it with water?

Brian Lam says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I do a lot of men’s cuts so I’m a lot more comfortable with a clipper and medium lengths on top. I’ve always struggled to part long hair for women’s cuts and now I understand what I was doing wrong. Thank you thank you thank you again!!

Joan Saunders says:

What color is your mannequins hair.
I really like it, but I’m afraid it will
look too red. I have 75% gray hair
I want to start light and go dark.
I have always had chestnut Brown
hair, olive skin. sorry this is about
cutting questions. This was very
helpful on how to do parts though.
Thank you!

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