How to layer fine hair – tutorial for hairdressers

Many times when layering fine hair we tend to thin out the ends. In this video tutorial we’re going to share how to layer fine hair while retaining density through the ends!

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Lily Ana says:

Thank so much for showing us how to cut hair with yr wonderful technique, love it!

S Claire says:


Stella Annie says:


Brother Fred says:

nice job in creating a balanced layering with the side and back that is challenging with fine hair.

Unicorn Ghost says:

Ive been doing a technique similar to this that i just kinda ended up with after time i just had a different finger angle and didnt cut the layers as dramatic but i cant wait to try this one out. Thanks for all the amazing technigues

Aaron Clarke says:

Thank you, Great video ☺ will come in handy ☺

Hilda Hill says:

Where would l find a hairdresser in Whitby Ontario that knows this and able to cut and lay fine hair

MrVst1 says:

Do u ever cut curly hair

Eirraca K says:

Omg Yes! That’s where I always have problems with my hair, behind the ear and yes the shelf, ugh…I always have to go back.

Sara Stepp says:


K Day says:

This is really helpful. I always ask for layers at the salon, since my fine hair always has more body, more even curl, and more volume when it has layers. The stylist will argue with me every single time, insisting I need to stick to all one length with fine hair. After arguing awkwardly about who knows my hair better, I fold before I become angry, she cuts it all one length, then it just hangs limp and the natural wave is off-kilter. Then I give her money. So frustrating, and it’s the same routine at every salon! I now hate going to the salon. This video is encouraging, and I might just try this myself!!

solangely ramirez says:

Thanks very much !!!

Amina Bhadella says:

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Anonymous Amy says:

Wow. You make the finger angle,elevation, overdirection, etc so easy to understand!! Every thing was so simple yet made so much sense. You’re a great teacher! Thank you!!

Kathleen Tassie says:

A make sense cut. Thank you. I would have liked you to make movement of hair with your hands so we can see how theaters look.

Aisha Marie says:

I want him to cut my hair! ☹️

Patricia Henry says:

Yes, I really want Andrew to style my’s exactly what I’m looking for and can’t find

Miss Lika says:

I love the video and wish that you could cut my hair…

Channah Walker says:

I have long hair because I DREAD reliving the experience of a hairdresser chopping up my fine hair. I have alot of hair it just doesn’t look like it. I feel like the salons think “that client”. I hope many consider this.

candi 7xxx says:

Luv how he took his time, explaining slowly & calmly(not rushed). I’ve been using this technique but never really realized why. Thanks for breaking it down. Looks great!

Avalon Rawling says:

Great video, very clear instructional technique. I feel like I could almost do that on myself!

Krista Brown says:

Might be a dumb question but, can you use this technique on long (midback) fine hair as well?

Dementia Ink says:

What to do if ur guests has messed up layers and fine hair.?

Jessica Smith says:

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Diamond san andres says:

Love it…

Artistry By Erica Dawn says:

This is what I want n some like to cut layers stright across head I hate it

elizabeth bruce says:

Rarely has anyone ever cut my fine hair without creating what I call shelves. Why is it so difficult to cut soft gradual layers? Why this choppy crap? My answer….you can’t cut hair and your too lazy to do a persision cut. I am once again growing out a hack job. Impossible to style my hair like this. This guy is cutting the hair exactly how I have asked only to be told not possible. Hmmm

Rachel Weitzen says:

I enjoy the information in this video, but it does not show a REAL person with thinning challenges. A demonstration on best cuts for ultra fine hair!

baby girl says:

Thank you sam villa

The final Touch says:

Very nice technique. I love it

Morningirl says:

wow amazing, thanks for sharing to us.

Armine Haroyan says:

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Tenzin Sonam says:

thanks amazing work…☺

Toys 4 the Poor ! says:

Andrew You and Sam are the Best.Love this and ALL Your videos,Brilliant!

WarsFreakStar says:

thank you so much .. nice…. i can cut smooth to man hair but with lady too complicated
with your tutorial , is good get all understanding too now ,,

how i wish to get my diploma again for hair cutting being professional/ actuall i learn to cut when i was 17yrs my country..
and later start my own salon,,,hope you can give me advice,,thank you so much
more power …

Сергей Кузнецов says:

Thank You very much, dear master! I’ve just cut my mother, she are happy now☺ Its my first hair dress

Rita Boghosian says:

Sam, you are a great educator!! I’ve been out of the salon for 9 years..Great to get these tips as I’m thinking of going to it again! Bravo!!

alo-lo #alo-alo says:

Beautiful cut!!!!!!!!

j m says:

you lost me at “leave in conditioner.”  my hair is so fine, any conditioner, no matter how light, weighs it down.  ive had this hair for over 40 years, no conditioner has ever, ever, made my hair less weighed down.  ever.  no matter how expensive the brand, by the definition of a conditioner, it weighs down the hair.

chuckie larnuss says:

Andrew Carruthers is a very good teacher. He explains well and is articulate and pleasant to listen to. He’s a real artist, too, it seems. Good video — thank you.

patrick byrd says:

excellent. thank you.

John Roekoe says:

7.39 The reason why more and more people don’t visit a hairdresser anymore. The client wants this haircut, but the hairdresser MUST blend for his/her own safety feeling. So the costumer goes home with the wrong – but blended – haircut, looks disappointed in the mirror 15 times a day for 2 months, while the hairdresser can’t remember her anymore, and she tries to find another hairdresser who does the hair she wants. She considers cutting her own hair.

Paresh Ghosh says:

Thanks. I am watching in west Bengal.

Listy says:

Why don’t stylists know how to do this cut?

Cathy Kneller says:

My old London hairdresser of 30 yrs Mike Strum cut like thus,he was technical.He passed away and cannot find snyone in the Uk no who can make my fine hair look thick as he did

Carol Weaver says:

I end up telling hair dressers to Point cut bangs to eyebrows ( no shorter) texture cut hair , and how much off and on and on and on.. I do not want to do this but they seem confused. No one knows fine hair does need a puff look and you must cut it right. I felt I could not do it myself and do not want to seem bossy just wanted it to look nice. It is terrible as do not want to have to say anything and just have them know how it would look best. I like this fuller look!

Danielle W says:

Oh I have been wanting, yearning, for any stylist to cut my hair like this! I am CERTAIN I could wear my hair naturally curly (3b-3c curls) with this cut if I could find anyone to cut my hair this way!!!! If i could cut it myself I sure would!!!

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