How To Cut Perfect Face Framing Layers for Longer Hair – V-Shaped Layers

Here at Sam Villa, we make it a point to offer as much value as possible to all hairdressers by giving you options, because let’s face it – not every technique that we demonstrate will be right for every guest that sits in your chair.

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This week, we’re excited to share another face framing technique that is especially great for your guests with long layered hair. By utilizing a V-shaped design technique, you will provide your medium to coarse haired guests the perfect face frame with the right amount of lightness and movement! Don’t forget to use your favorite Redken products to finish this look!

Check out the Sam Villa blog for in-depth information about this face framing technique:

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hudipf says:


eisha920 says:

I wish @samvilla had a hair cutting academy in Philly. Empire in Springfield sucks

almaznia tmimia says:

I’m Iraqi
Please sbek Arabic

Maria Valdez says:

Love it! Thanks!, my hair looks Beautiful!!!!

L 1711 says:

Why are you talking to her like she’s your pet? *edit* Sorry.. talking ABOUT her and like she’s a punished child.

sabina tamang says:


Anita G says:


Cutekitty Miyan says:

She have ennocent face cute girl like. doll

Smiler MC says:

I cut my own hair with this technique and it worked amazing!

Sapna Habeeb says:

Please sir translate the telugu language

Farah Ghori says:

Hello sr, I want to know about hair styling products and equipment knowledge,I hope you will answer me . thanks

Shikha Srivastava says:

she look like kangana ranawat

Women Who Rock with Success says:

Great thorough and detailed tutorial!

ronak ramzan says:

Wow awsum

Danielle Kikta says:

Could you use this technique on wet hair?

Lrds Lzd says:

This was helpful. Thanks.

NewOrleansLady says:

Impressive! Most informative/descriptive video I have ever viewed on this topic.. BRAVO!

Hanna Burnham says:

My hairdresser fucked mine up so bad and idk what the fuck to do

Rizwan Khan says:


bb89670 says:

Their videos are mostly about their tools.

Esther Subba says:

Focused so small

Poonam Gupta says:


Mohd Rizwan says:


zeeshannushahi says:


Camilla Vien says:

Can you do this on wet hair?

Neelam Mahor says:


Marianna Fila says:

Excellent video. Very easy to follow. Thank you so much!

Shikha Srivastava says:

thanks sir u r too good

marie plotkin says:

started out nice, But I would have also over directed all the crown and back hair to meet up with the front. This cut is too heavy at the bottom. I don’t see movement in 75% of this hair. sorry.

kanika sharma says:


7saany says:

I cant believe it took mr this long to see this video lpl

Chand sitary says:

Nice sir

Danell Maconachie says:

Thank you! I was able to do this to myself! First snip, I thought, oh god! What have I done!!! But seriously, it turned out better than I thought it would!!! I have waist length hair, so this was a great alternative to full layering. My face is perfectly framed and I have lost no volume /bulk through out the back lengths. Your amazing xx

Anna K says:

I would not call that thick hair

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