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In this video I share how to cut the perfect bangs with 3 different types of bangs.

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marsmeg .3. says:

so um, i’m here cuz my dad slapped slime in my hair… and we had to cut a strand and it looks bad. so fun.

Shelby Oof says:

Well now I have to hide this from my parents lmao

Lucila Diaz says:

I just did my bangs right along with this video and it actually came out pretty good..thanks

Susan S. says:

My hairdresser gave me an unwanted pixie and I fired him

Beatriz Cezaro says:

really great haircut

Marichat_shipper says:

When you have curly hair but want bangs so bad

goth gf says:

i’d so cut my own bangs, but i don’t have my mom’s permission. it grows back, but i don’t want to freak her out and have her think i’m having a mental breakdown lol. very helpful video!! definitely stuff that im excited to do once i get into cosmetology school

Shelly Cove says:

Love your videos, I have learned so much. Thank you

Joe and Aaron TV says: this is a great video for an alternative technique

lie heng says:

I want a band ,and thank you for showing how to cut

smiler says:

I just cut my own hair and mess it up for free, rather then go into a salon and pay them to mess it up. Noone does what I ask. I think we need a video on learning hairsalon lingo. Because they all literally fuck it all up.

Tiffany Dawn says:

This saved my awful I cut my bangs the other day (tried to do straight across blunt), and man did they turn out awfullll. Watched this, and recut them evenly, using the comb method, thinned them out with some sheers I had, and now they look 100% better! Thankful I seen this video, lol.

Grunge Initm8 says:

In part 2 we show u how to shave vaginal hair

Griselda Espinoza says:

I love this super easy tutorial. If I want a more thicker fringe should i make a wider triangle or go a little far back in the point?

Michelle Gordon says:

Is there a way to create the look of “height” on top with bangs?

Krissy Marie says:

Definitely the best diy video, easy to follow…

Deborah Smith says:

Hello. Great job and instruction! But can this also be done on hair with texture,either wavy or curly and with the bob hairstyle?

Jennifer Turley says:

Awesome! Thank you!

Quyên Là Tui says:

oh thank you <3 <3

putra pfl says:


Jean McElwee says:

Perfect! Every time I go to the salon and ask for a bank trim, they lawyer my hair off all over, shave my neck, thin it with thinning shears and run I my entire hair. It takes me at least a year to grow it back out and I try to find a new hairdresser. So frustrating. Now I can cut it myself and save money to boot.

Elizabeth Elias says:

How do you cut Bettie page bangs

Spoopy Wow says:

when you’re a hair dresser head and you’ve finally found a guy who can cut your beautiful brown, 60’s mom hair, bangs, right.

Mary Hooper says:

I cannot find a good hair dresser in Annapolis Md…Can u help

crystal garcia says:

Love your video..thank you I’m going to try…wish me luck

Nicole C. says:

I want bangs but my mom says they only look good on straight hair and my hair is almost straight but with some wavy hairs

Lizzy Chan says:

Yay I Got My Bangs On My Own Thank You!!!

Just ignore me says:

I don’t have that much hair to start with

ᴜᴍᴍ ɪ’ᴍ ᴀ ɢʜᴏsᴛ says:

For the first one, if you spilt your hair right down the middle of the bangs when your done, would the bangs curve inward towards your face?

Ilene Goudarzi says:

This guy didn’t even take the pins off her hair at the end…. like… what are you hiding….? And you call this a “tutorial”. Would never recommend this video to a friend.

First Name Last Name says:


Jenny S. says:

I know all these methods yet never learned them, I just know! Layered my mother’s hair beautifully when I was eleven. Always cut my own hair and my kids’ hair. I wanted to thank you for the instructional video because it’s given me more confidence that I’m doing it right. What I’m not so great at are waves/curls. Could you do a tutorial on those, as well?

Wafaa maroc says:

Thank you for this useful video

Sian 2212 says:

I hate my hair atm, I have a round face, shoulder length brown hair and a side parting. Any suggestions on what to do with it?

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