How To Create The Perfect JoJo Siwa Side Ponytail | Hair Tutorial | Claire’s

Get the signature JoJo look with her very own hair tutorial! Don’t forget to pick all your hair tools from Claire’s right here; (link to hair)

For the perfect JoJo ponytail, you only need a hair brush, hairspray, hair ties and of course, a bright and bold JoJo bow to perfect this adorable look! JoJo walks you through all the steps whilst showing you exactly how she gets her hair looking so flawless, so you can learn straight from the amazing girl herself!

Embrace your inner JoJo and get your ponytail high, your bows bright and dance your way to looking like the coolest kid in town!

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Just a normal girl says:


Jojo‘s hair

We will miss you

Ashley Bowers says:


Shelby Shilinga says:

Does Jojo even know she’s going bald…

alexander beltran says:

Love jojo

Zahra Khan says:

Omg u were pretty

jayyy xo says:

How to get a reciting hairline

Island Lps says:

Me: wakes up on first day of school at like 3:30 in the flipping morning cause I’m that type of person that ruined my sleep schedule over summer

*follows instructions*

*get headband out

*flat irons hair*

*puts it in top knot*

*puts white headband on*

*falls asleep on table*

Amy Clements says:

How to recede your hairline prematurely:

paratown says:

ur hairline is receding please no

Uniqueorn Sparkle says:

Not being rude, but why does she call hair ties ponytails? I’m just confused.

sofi5897 says:

people lose their virginity at 15, JoJo (who is 15) wears bows

Rosemary T. says:

if u wanna lose your hairline, sure you can go ahead and do this !1!1


shyshy shy says:

How to be bald at age twenty

250 subscribers No videos says:

How to get headaches and lose your hair tutorial

Noelle R says:


MsVamPireChic says:

No wonder her hairline has been receding. This poor girl ties her wraps her hair around _three_ times *per* each FOUR hair ties! What the hell? This is so damaging, and the worst part is, she probably knows it, but she has to keep up this image for her brand. Sad.

Amiel Medalla says:

JoJo I have a bow but my hair style is like Sade pony tail just like you I love love your video and I love you so much

Freaky Girl says:

Honey, No.
You have less hair than my grandmother. That hairline is screaming.

Kiki G says:


Jake S Mario5537 says:

Her hairline is so much further back than when this was recorded wtf its only been 2 years o.o

salt says:

She’s going bald

exomonxt says:

Her hair is receding

olivia keaton says:

*jojo siwa murdering her hair for 2 minutes*

Aoife Smith says:

Jojo killing the ozone layer for five minutes straight lol

AJ The RPG gamer says:

I honestly don’t care what style she has I used to wear my hair in pigtails

samantha• says:

her hair isnt even curly tf do you need so many hair ties for. i genuinely want to know if she’s like this or is just putting up and act for her product.

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