How to Blow Dry for Big, Bouncy Hair | Salon Hair Tutorial

Learn how get big, bouncy hair using your blow dryer from John Barrett Salon hair artist Dhiran Mistry in this Howcast video.


Michelle Clara says:

Wow! as if that girl needed to be any prettier!! hahaha I tried this failed epically!

Reyna Bahena says:


Kasey Daugherty says:

would you mind telling me what kind of hair brush used?

Farooq Shah1234 says:

China collage poran

Sue Smith says:

looked lovely BEFORE he brushed it out… the model is SO pretty ….

Alberta Rayford says:


Karishma Kishnani says:


Pepper Corn says:

if u watch the other videos, this one would cause less hairfall

Nimra Akram says:

she is beautifull and so attractive.

starry night says:

I like the model. She is so personable. She seems so sweet.

Manpreet Kaur says:

what u used for protecting the hairs is it serum?

Jamie Gowan says:

who the hell has time for this

KarKar MuddaPuckar says:

why am I even watching this?!?! I don’t even wash my hair properly let alone style it.

serena angel says:

total fail because when i sleep n wake up in the morning well i get that hairstyle haha ..natural morning hairstyle . without wasting time

Naila Irfan says:

howcast plz add more hair styles videos

So she says says:

That hair is beyond this world amazing!!! What products did he use?

Aleg says:

wow amazing

Zhanna Jane says:

She must be so bored just sitting there … Well I would

Lyn M says:

I wish I had naturally straight hair instead of curly, it’s too much work

Chrisman Wilkey says:

Lovely truly lovely

Sarah Wood says:

Great tips for sectioning your own hair. Seems obvious now!


nice and quick job

Jade Smith says:


Iammissrai Banwata says:


Alberta Rayford says:

fresh twisted I saw ure messages n u need to calm down not everyone is saying this to u duh smart one

Berenice Leon says:

shes soo cute

Valisa Freeman says:

Very lovely

A Raad says:

3:50 she died

Evolution Seven says:

Very good tutorial, thank you

moma bella xoxoxo says:

not very good I tink I’d do a better job my self lol

Sergio Dominguez says:

i tried this with my moms hair and git it stuck and then she started crying and yelling at me then we eventually got it out. FAIL

Luluh Ronodirjo says:

she is so pretty, she looks a little like kim-k

battuvshin bachka says:


Madamnesia says:

che bravo

nihal saat says:

she has got such gorgeous hair

kingslee kingkong says:

I would like to challenge a blowdry without any produced and it stayed for 24 hrs

Brigitty Mejia says:

What bow dryer is that ?

Inna Sviatenko says:

Thanks a lot!

Hopelessly Addicted says:

How do people do this without getting their hair caught!?!

Leandra Beqiri says:

beautiful hair!

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