How to Balayage Ombre Step by Step Hair Painting

Periscope: Guy Tang
Snapchat: @guy_tang



Maria Bonganay says:

what toner you put on???

Emilythstrange1493 says:

Need to know the toner formula. Literally the reason I clicked this video and no answer lol

Sacha Huiskamp says:

10 months and that short of outgrow? Wow, mine outgrow is like that after two months!!
Anyway thank you so much for the information! Now I know to say I want the balayage effect! Instead of the technique! Lovely result too!!

arelis bernal says:

Does anyone know what type of toner, he used?

Kelly Walton says:

is this a special lightner or just regular bleach?

Brittney Madrid says:

I just wanna see the sectioning more for this technique

xRiss13 says:

Wait how does he make V’s in her hair and then it’s not visible later? does he just massage it all before the cut scene? how does that work for hair like mine that’s almost black?

Li Ly says:

Very good job.

Nina Simone says:

Awesome video. And quite entertaining-hah

Anum Abid says:

ohhhhh this guys talks too muchhhh!! it was a torture watching this video just because of his talks!!!!

stacy werner says:

I’m a Cosmetologist and I’m always educating myself.  When  want to learn something I know to go to your videos. I have a question Do you have a video on reverse ombre? My daughter is already blonde and want to go back with dark at the root. I would love to see your technique. Stacy

Delaney Richardson says:

Guy: “I like to use a whisk”
Me: *Dan and Tyler flashbacks*

jasmine_elizabeth98 says:

Im doing baylage maybe ombre but i have light roots can i use a darker brown dye then wash then bleach the rest for the ombre? or will the roots being dyed affect the ombre from blending

Aysha Azeez says:

sooooooo beautiful. ……..

Gina B says:

PLEASE come back here to STL! Nobody here knows what they’re doing! =(

elliott nunez says:

is there cellophane between each parting..kind of looks that way…but didnt show him putting it there? ???

superjules21 says:

it’s wonderful – perfect ,,, i hope my hairdresser will get it like that 🙂

alex colman says:

me.encaaantaa!!!. soy fanatica de usted.. sueño con ser igual a usted!!.. saludos desde paraguay!!!..

Estrella Tuarez says:


Buenas Bergeron says:

Hi Guy! what is the brand name of lightener you are using?

Maude Beth Mathilde Haworth says:

Guy, you are the absolute best!

gigi hutchinson says:

Thank you for the great analogy! I am newer to balayage and my comfort level is still foiling. However I think I will get a better result using the freehand painting tecnique. Gonna keep watching!

Irene Tucker says:

Love this balayage! Thank you for posting!

Nadia Ray says:

You’re like the Bob Ross of the hair world

Mikala Britt says:

what lightener is this ?

Anaily Santana says:

me encantó quisiera poder hacérmelo presionó pero tengo el cabello rubio de Colorado

Olivia Jules says:

Guy…where are you? I am wanting to make an appointment with you.

Emily Busse says:

omgs I want you to do my hair!!!!

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