Full Sew in Weave | Hair Tutorial – 3 TECHNIQUES

AWESOME SEW IN TECHNIQUES: – #1. The Overcast Stitch. #2. The Lock Stitch #3. The Double Lock Stitch. What’s More? I’ll share tips that will help you to avoid mistakes and save time installing your extensions. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth Jackson says:

This technique/method causes shedding, everytime you stick the needle through the weft it widens the weft which then causes shedding. I do not recommend this method.

Joy N. says:


Demetrius Richards-Wishop says:

Omg Txs made a point and not long winded…

Alicia Conley says:

Hey may I ask where you purchase your thread I can’t find the nylon thread anywhere

Lorraine Smith says:

congrats girlie! love the vid

Amber Black says:

The best I’ve seen so far. Finally someone who actually knows how to teach!! Good visuals & explanation! thank you!!

ashunti nicolee says:

Even if you’re doing a “demonstration” for someone you’re trying to teach, why wouldn’t you want to do an amazing job as if it were a client? Wouldn’t you want the person you’re teaching to see the techniques full potential? This looked terrible for it being a “demonstration”.

Lily Johnny says:

what kind of hair did you use??

anaya W says:

How many bundles of hair would you need ?

NANCY B. says:

Very Informative Thank you! now I know what Stitch Pattern looks the Best

Yeti Dreams says:

I thought girls really did see hair into they head :/ I hope I was fried thinking that

504 Tracia says:

Where did you purchase your mannequin head?

Chiquita Austin says:

Awesome video

Nancy Lee says:

kool im abt 2 learn how2 du dhes n jesus name!!

kimberly miller says:

Thank you so much. I learned so much in this video

LeSha baby says:

Out of all the tutorials yours is the best. It’s up close so u can see where the needle go and you give step by step. You did a really GREAT job. Hope to see more of your tutorials.

Christian Kelley says:

yess..come thru hairtakeover!! we appreciate you!!

Jessica Comerico says:

The first video I’ve seen yet when the stylist “doesn’t” rip and yank your f-in hair out ! Very good video ! Very gentle with the head.

Beautyby boobookitty says:

girl where have you been all my life i love your channel boo thank you for all the great video’s you make it fun and easy even if your a pro i love that

Brenda Moore says:

Give my Cos class a youtube shout out! I showed them your sew-in weave techniques! They said my videos should be more like yours!

sky doss says:

do u know some of the other techniques cause their seven right

gabriella The stylist says:

My fav is the loc stitch 🙂 …
Definitely a good watch for beginners …
I love people who are secure in their craft and don’t mind sharing !!!

jordanlawrence37 says:

Your not supposed to sew through the wefts it causes shedding.

Kevin Scott says:

WOW!!! How long do these techniques take to complete?

Paulina Dark says:

vídeo maravilhosa amei gostaria mude aprenderem a faser a frente sem disfarce voce tem algum vídeo minha linda obrigada beijos aguardo resposta

Ty'Tianna Maynard says:

that was some easy ways to do…

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