Easy Messy Updo Hair Tutorial

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Music by Kevin MacLeod
Song: Melodie Victoria


Alyson Hill says:

This music is terrifying

Savita Wadafale says:


Shreyosi Dutta says:

reallly realllllllly beautiful marvellous ….. i just loved it…

Cici Huang says:

This is my favorite hair style! But when I try to do it myself, I can hardly handle the top part, I mean the crown part. Can you give me a little help? How can I do it perfectly?

coldspagettiful says:


Seythia says:

Love it but takes me about 2 hours 😀 But I’ve got a lot of very think hair. Thanks for the tutorial!

Karan Basra says:


veprints says:

Видео – класс! Но так красиво не получилось 🙂 буду пробовать еще

infantrymama says:

1 – You have quite a lot of hair; I imagine it will look totally different for people with fine hair or layered hair. 2 – the music is very annoying for such a nice tutorial

deniori xhesi678 says:

i love it

Janey Hopson says:

perfect wedding hair do…beautiful

tobi plus says:

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Sahiba Zee says:


Dana Veach says:

I would think this does a lot of breakage to the hair.. but it’s cute ..

Biol- chem says:

Will it work with really thick hair?

Gina Hache says:

it looks so easy but when I try it never looks nice somehow I end up messing it up

fish food says:

that shit ugly. now I know what not to do.

Борислава Димитрова says:

I was never good at styling hair… but this one looks easy enough… hope it works for me. I’ll give it a try. 🙂

rumination says:

all the hairstyles you do are so pretty. dont know which to click on and learn first. so many good ones!

Jenna Mattson says:

you make it look so easy! 🙂

Kavya y says:

Amazing music

Vida Opare says:

is there any way to do this style without making it messy?

Aga87s says:

Has someone with really thin hair tried this ? I’m wondering if it’s working with that too…

Anna Naveira says:

I loved the music, what’s the song?

Rebecca Fox says:

My favourite updo ever!

Carol Ridgway says:


That Tall Girl with specs says:

I am super late but, Woww …! amazing …

Neha Kumari says:

Wow.. Very nice hairstyle good

patricia says:

one of the best illustrations I’ve seen. Thanks

Sonam Vaghani says:

thanks for the great tutorial…

Roshni Haq says:

Nic roshni haq

Torre O'Neill says:

This reminds me of Sybil from Downton Abbey! Lovely!

Vini 07 says:

Very nice I like it

Marissa Pritchard says:

Creepy background music

megranita says:

beautiful hair do & easy to follow , thank you

Kaeinlya says:

Jesus Christ, if I did that to my hair, it would never get untangled.

Patience Bolling says:

beautiful hairstyle will defiantly try it out but the music is very creepy!

Alka Chaurasia says:


Meredith Roach says:

I really want to do this for prom, but will it work the same for my hair type? I’m not in any way being racist, but Caucasian hair isn’t as strong as Asian hair. It looks so pretty and you do a great job! I just want to make sure that it won’t damage my hair.

Ekta Garg says:

perfect 1…. i was finding of

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