Curly Hair Tutorial!

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Sarah Sepanski says:

I’m too busy readin the mini signs on her wall! HAHA! ‘I’m watching you’

colleen's cookie says:

I love the signs in the background

sarah david says:

I did this and this and it took ten minutes for my hair to dry

Amy Leonard-frazier says:

I hate my hair bc it’s so thin it makes me mad I literally bought castor oil and soak my hair in it overnight twice a week just bc I heard a lot of people say it makes your hair grow longer and thicker

Jane Review says:

Famous last words…
‘the last tutorial I will ever do on the YouTubes’

Bell Strology says:

“and last” my aunt Fannie lol

Angelia Bruna says:


Zay Zay says:

I think this is the first time I hear her say dick in her videos because she doesn’t swear

Henley Mattox says:

did anyone here her livrly voice at :58??

Rainbow Cat says:

I loveeeeeeee her hair it is just the fact I can deal with her pain because my hair is a lot more curlier than her hair

Sarah Sepanski says:


Jasmine Harris says:


Sydney Williams says:

This old video makes me feel so many happy things 🙂

Olivia Xoxo says:

Who’s watching in 2016?

Vanessa Awerangi says:

Woew colleens maturity has gotten ALOT better over the years

Jasmine Harris says:

or whatever I spelled it wrong

Isabella Mcwhorter says:

when is her birthday someone help me out!!!

Kayley Chambers says:

holy shit this is an old video

Katelyn Scott says:

i love the noises

Tashinga Gonkar says:

Her hair is fine. She needs to stop whining because I don’t even have long hair. I have an afro. So please stop being a baby about something as little as her hair.

Miranda Watts says:

“This is my first and last tutorial I will ever do on the YouTubes” aw that’s cute

Tamara Evans says:

does this work on straighter hair?

Jacqueline Reyes says:

Your hair is super gorgeous air dried! You’re just a gorgeous lady Colleen, and I love you!

abby menart says:

Can u do this on straight hair

Ndhxb Hxhxnd says:

I love when you scream I repeat over over again keep it up

Lilly Privett says:


Cara mc g says:

you should see how frizzy my hair is

jonathan buchholz says:

hahaha “first and last tutorial”

Malaika John says:

She’s looks soo cute with bangs

Ghostie says:

“This stuff smells a little bit like.. semen..”
“Not that I would know what that smells like”

SarahtheKerr says:

“Throwing a bunch of products in at once” is the most relatable thing for frizzy curls. Except I usually just do everything thing while it’s damp and let it do it’s thing after that. I don’t have the patience to curl random straight piece.

JoJo says:

Who else is watching in November 2016

Vessel says:

Her hair is like mine except her curls are so like “mermaid” curls and mine is frizzy. And when it’s raining, god, it sucks bad.

Ntshembo Shilowa says:

The armpit thing happens to me

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