Crown Plait Hair Tutorial

Hi guys? How are you all? Today I’m going to show you how to do a crown plait. Plaits and braids are everywhere this summer, they’re really good for keeping hair away from the face when it’s hot outside or for when it’s raining.

I love crown plaits because there’s something quite whimsical and medieval about them- and they kind of remind me of Games Of Thrones! Anyway, for this hair tutorial you will need:

♥ Hair Elastic
♥ Hairbrush
♥ Bobby Pins
♥ Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray

Let me know what you think of the crown plait in the comment box below or if there are any other plaits or braids you would like me to do a hair tutorial on. Also, remember to subscribe to the Bobby Glam channel for more braid and plaits ideas.


Zoie Cobb says:

how do you do you curls you had at the beginning

Ruby Upton says:


Eliza Fennessy says:

she is so pretty love her hair!!!!!!!!!

Taylor Evans says:

Super cute!

Beth Bellinder says:

So awesome! My daughter got a medieval dress for Halloween. This hairstyle will be perfect!

Gracie's Gossip says:

you are so cool

skybuster 67 says:

I think this is my favourite hairstlye! Well done. x

Halimah k says:

Wow that looks Amazing 🙂

Nina Sithavong says:


Ashanti English says:

you’re curls are amazing!!

Just Gymnastics says:

You have really pretty hair

Olivia Tinkler says:

Omg that looks so amazing on ur hair I might try it!!!

Zarina Salehian says:

Your doing it WAY TO FAST!!!

maxine Corcoran says:

my blonde hair with some black highlights

Kajsa Pruner says:


Aimee Melanie says:

OMG this hair tutorial is actually gorgeous iv’e sent the link to my friend so she can have a go at it as well <3

Lindsey Succheralli says:

Your hair and your curls are beautiful

Ruti Rafaeli says:

watched it 12 times love it did it for my girl

Mahjabeen Ali says:

Your hairstyle tutorial is awesome.. ♡

DreamerSoul24 says:

yur hair is perfection

Anusha Farrakh says:

Awesome hairstyle it is just so easy to do and very beautiful looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it

Laura Doherty says:

So cool I’ll definitely try it out. You’r so pretty.Your instructions were really clear. Keep Doing What Your Doing! 🙂

Christina Codd says:

Loved it. Would it work in just below shoulder length hair?

Kelly Lee says:

exerllent thank you xx

Emilee Phillips says:

You are so beautiful!

Nicole Alex says:

Youre hair is perfect i wish i had that hair omg idek what i would do with it

Amy Hess says:

thank you for this video i needed a new summer hair look for dance competitions!

Jessica Gomez says:

I think i may finally try to crown brain my own hair 🙂 thank you for the tutorial!

churchkeycowboy says:

Thank you!

Connor Murphy says:


The Golden Dildo says:

You look like katness evrtdeen from the hunger games

Saima Waqar says:

its beautiful<3

Alisha Maharjan says:

Plz tell me the name of ur hair colour …

Artbyn says:

Your hair is so pretty!

Maryori Maldonado says:

Love it thanks!

Tammy Craggs says:

IT is really hard please show in detail in the beginning when you take the hair from behind your ear.

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