I show you all my secrets for the perfect slicked back hair- enjoy!


Aaron: alrhodes
Austin: rhodeslaustin

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Jacob Moreno says:

It must be so easy for white people to do hairstyles like this. I have thick, coarse and straight hair. If input a hairdryer to it, it’ll stick straight out like straw.

MongoDB says:


Beyza Yıldırım says:

gözlerin çok güzel :))

Xtrotic says:

Why are all the gay boys so handsome?

Sean Ko says:

obsessed with your hair!


Hey! can you do a tutorial on your everyday hairstyle 😀 ive been trying to prefect this style for a while now and i just can’t get it perfect and yours always looks great!

thanks 🙂

Bred Pitt says:


Ritesh Chavan says:

i like it

leah ruiz says:

what do you call this style of shirt?

Michael Doei says:

Do you guys actually wear any make-up?

Api Hemi says:

You are amazing. People like you inspire me to make my hair tutorials. KEEP IT UP!

미인스리 says:


Lindsey Morrison says:

Yass Bitch! I love this!

Typical Brain says:

(Please Reply.) Can I use gel?

Nick R says:

My barber company Starks has the full collection of Baxter products! Trust me their shampoo is to DIE FOR. Not sponsored or anything, just wanted to share that the shampoo is great for making your hair very soft and sleek looking!

Steven Duncan says:

You guys really should model!

Joseph Stalin says:

Fucking gay slag! such a dumb whore. x

Timo Pot says:

looks like a girl with make up and secondly he should pull in his lips and not let them hang there if like he’s a girl

Hani Nathania says:

i fucking regret watching this video, now i have a breathing problem!!!!!

Dodo Pensek says:

best tutorial

Pavanator says:

You look like Steve Rogers before he became Captain America and it’s awesome

Joseph Stalin says:

Fucking Slag!

Bred Pitt says:


Boris D says:

where’d you get that sweather from?

Azariah Campbell says:

Beautiful. U look beautiful. from azariah

Grinch Wearing a Mask holding a gun says:

nice ill look like a real ss officer

Naz Mohammed says:

Aran where do you get your slim long sleeve tops from?

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