Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights (Hair Tutorial) Color Painted In-Between Foils

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This is a demonstration on how to do Blonde Highlights over Brown Hair color all within one application. Learn how to save time and keep your clients hair healthier.

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mslovely4you says:

How did u rinse it out with out coloring the blond

Tamara Richardson says:

Omg my name is tammy

jassica fareen says:

i use henna before
can i highlight my hair??

sediqa sadat says:

ho.. it is great.

Fairy its bilal amir song Tal says:

my hair color is black I white my hair color same like this video base colour what should I do??

Jasmine Jones says:

Hi Tammy. I love your videos. I learn so much..I have a question for you..I have a client that wants her hair ,which is a dark brown colored to a light brown with highlights..what color do u suggest I use for her all over color and what volume for her highlights?

Roberta Henson says:

I just wanna say that I’ve watched a couple of your tutorials.  I think you’re awesome at explaining the importance of each product you’re using at that time, and at explaining the steps you take to get to the desired finish.  You’re doing an awesome job!  Thanks for showing those of us, who don’t know what they’re doing….all of your techniques!!  Keep up the awesome work!!!

Brandon Gaddy says:

I love foil highlights hott love capes and can’t wait to go to beauty school

jennifer chetram says:

realy helpfull thnk u

Meghan Brennan says:

Did you use a different volume on the regrowth for the highlights? Or did you do base to ends with the same lightener formula?

Lui Bairan says:

I really wanted to color my Hair like that. .but couldn’t find a good salon here.

Zahra Paro says:

Please tell me about die volumes 20 .30 40 for die nd striking

Lynette Scribner says:

How do I do the bck when I’m just retouching the roots? do I start at the back or the front? Thank you, love all your advice!

OliviaM95 says:

pretty! exactly what i got today just less. i was wondering how they will fade. will they fade to the bleached colour? thats what im worried about. my hair dresser wasn’t as through on that

Sam S says:

I think it needs a timer to blend it and warm it up a bit

Nikki Braskii says:

what toner did you use on the highlights?

Kalal Priyanka says:

if u make section before, then u explain better

Gunbir adhi says:

what is the name of the colour

Nivin Girgis says:

very very nice but why u didnt put law light color 

Forever In Neverland says:

I don’t like those highlights on her because her base color is too dark for blonde; reddish/auburn highlights or light brown would have looked better, in my opinion.

TayRex14 says:

Can you do a video on how to go from a darker color (full head) to a few levels lighter? Or a video on how to color a full head one color after having an ombré or highlights? Hope that’s not confusing lol


If I am changing my base hair color and I have quite a bit of gray hair at the root, could I color my entire head first with the base color, rinse it out, dry the hair and then apply the highlights right afterwards to ensure that my ends cover the same with the new base color as my roots? I just don’t want hot roots especially since I’m going lighter than what I currently have (my ends are pretty dark right now – I have color treated hair). I’m sure I’ve seen it done this way before but maybe the process has changed. If not, do you recommend the way I mentioned or is the process in the video still the best way to go.

Zeferet Playwitch says:

She looks like such a sweetheart! She’s absolutely beautiful! I love what you did with her hair too. The color just enhances her smile. 🙂 Thank you for showing us how to do this, so much better than the head cap way. I want to highlight my hair, but will have a friend do this, as I know I won’t be able to. I want to try this on someone too. I feel like this way does better. Saving this one to my favorites! I also liked the side wisps, so pretty!

Cynthia Lopresti says:

I am sooooooooo glad I finally found your video. I have been trying to figure out how to do my dark blonde grey roots with a few lights. Wonderful. what color would you suggest for dirty blonde grey roots touch up with lots of shine. xxoo

Bee Carlton says:

So you don’t put hair color through the rest of the hair, just the roots and the highlights?

monkey puff says:

take your time dang. XD it gets messy cuz you’re rough with it

Cassie Cook says:

U didnt add toner just bleach.

hen turner says:

thank you, very cool to show us all that- was very curious how to do both at once! . and your model — too adorable, that smile at the end! what a sweetheart. quick question – when I do it to myself I take a much longer time getting the bleach and or color in there. would you recommend leaving it in for less than the recommended 30 minutes once it’s all in…? thanks again. xo

Maria Flores says:

I did learn a lot with your video, Thank you! I have a licence but I need the practice, I am so happy that I found you. Thank you again.

Thea Boschma says:

Very well explained and demonstrated… Thanks !

sandra childs says:

excellent video

Millie Garcia says:

Such great video!!!

Julie Clary says:

so is the oliver color just to take out the greys in the hair??

BlephingTerrible says:

Can you post product info for highlights and colour and how you mix them? I love the end result and would like to achieve the same – I’m a brunette as well!

Alisa Karter says:


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