Bouncy Short Hair Tutorial

This is my tutorial for how I style my new short hair! I love a bouncy, texturized look and I use a couple of round brushes, velcro rollers, and my curling iron to achieve it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Products and tools used:
Large and small round brushes
Velcro rollers
Got2b Fat-Tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse
Hot Tools 1.5″ Curling Iron
Kenra 25 Volume Hairspray
Living Proof Amp Texture Volumizer

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This video was not sponsored and I purchased all products shown myself.


MsWatchamakulit says:

You are so pretty!

leticia carlson says:

Hi. I got the mouse Got 2 be… and it didn’t work for me, of course, we have different type of hair. My question is, does the blow dryer has to do with getting to the smooth shine hair you get when we go to the salon? Please let me know.

oshun start says:

Beautiful woman..

Susan Sisk says:

Will this style work with really thick hair? You are gorgeous and I love your videos.

Cyndi Viguerias says:

I love this!!

DeborahLuby1 says:

I love this hair style!!! I have watched each time I do my hair and I think I’m getting close. Thank you for doing this for us.

Mary Tamariz says:

Nice; Nice!!!OMG!

Sharon Brisbane says:

Great colours

Tammie Barrett says:

How do you go 2-3 days between shampooing when working out 3-4 times a week?

Marla Kaye Regnier says:

I have to cut my hair, because I’m too weak now to care for it. MS… I would like to use your style. What do you call it.
Thanks for the wonderful work you do with these tutorials. God Bless!

Irene Leporo Silvana says:


Marie and Richard Treloar says:


Spy Mom 007 says:

This is the 2nd hair tutorial I’ve seen of yours and I really appreciate you taking the time to make them and share your product recommendations. I’ve let my hair grow long for the last 3 years and I’ve been looking around You Tube for about a week looking for a short hairstyle to try out. I haven’t looked through your videos so I don’t know what your hair was like before but I love it now!!! Keep the tutorials coming!

كريمه الكريمه says:


willilo75 says:


Ellen Clark says:

Dominique, not only are you absolutely STUNNING, but also you are an amazing teacher. Nature has blessed you with beautiful features, and then you’ve found ways to highlight those blessings, all the while remaining very natural looking. I tuned into this tutorial because I’ve been watching “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix, and I love Jane Fonda’s piecy hair in that show. I asked my stylist to layer my hair in a similar way, and I was looking on YouTube for tips on how to get the really attractive piecy look that Jane has. I actually like YOUR style even better! So there! I am going to begin by purchasing the styling products you recommend, and then try this style myself. You are very inspirational, Dominique, and you project a lovely “I’m your friend” tone into your videos. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos, and for your generosity in sharing the tips that have worked for you.

gladis carvill says:

Wow!! I like me your hair..your style..I from México.

etha salindeho says:

wow,you just make styling looks very easy..

kelly brandley says:

Love your down to earth REAL tutorials. I have followed a few of your videos and have adapted many as my routines, and tried out a lot of the products, thank u for introducing me to Laura mercier (make up basics) and the texturized in this video. Many thanks, you are gracious and lovely.

Daily Art says:

U look preety

Maria Fabian says:

Love this look. I too have curly hair and you have inspired me to change my style up a bit and add some straightening.

Vanicia Papa says:

She resembles Eva Longoria a bit

Vanicia Papa says:

I just found your channel and I must say I am absolutely in love with your videos and your energy! You’re beautiful!

Claudia Carrillo says:

I love how it looks like your hair!

judy adame says:

The bouncy short hair tutorial was awesome! Just what I was needing.

GG3SKO says:

Anyone else think she looks a bit like Sophia Loren??? ♡

Kim Wyatt says:

You look like a young Racquel Welch!,,

Kathy Cadile says:

Love your cut, what is it called? A bob? Short bob? What is the length of your hair. It looks pretty long on top. I never know what to say when I get a haircut. You have a lot of beautiful thick hair. Stunning

Lina Monreale says:

Lovely.. I would skip the rollers for me

Wynter Rose says:

I wish I could find someone who could cut my hair they way I want. I love this style.

Maria Romero says:


Barbara Keating Wolk says:

thank you so much for your videos. After losing all my hair from chemo, having slowly grow back curly I was having so much trouble trying to make it look good. I just discovered your vids at the right time becasue I can finally use a round brush. Getting compliments now! Now I need to watch the curly hair vid.

TuffKat says:

styling back hair is difficult

Rhonda Christofferson says:

I just found you! Bingeing and loving you & your videos!

Laura May says:

thank you so much for your tutorials…you are so thorough in explaining everything it makes a world of difference!!

Cindy Browder says:

Thank you for the bouncy hair tutorial. You make it look so easy and when I try I get so frustrated. What is happening is that my brush is getting stuck 🙁 Am I doing too much product or the wrong brush?? Any ideas? BTW, my hair curl is similar to yours but a bit longer. Thanks for any help! 🙂

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