BEST Hairstyles Tutorial COMPILATION – hair.videos 2015 November

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Maria Maya says:

@1:16 what is the name of the song?

Rebecca Wall says:

@3:49 what is the name of the song??

Riley Brown says:

can you show/tell me how you put all these videos in one with different music please?!

BelieveJessica says:

What is the song to the 4th video

Hairstyle Tutorial Compilation says:


Sakura Mizu says:

2:17 pls song

Shadia Blanquicett says:

song 0:00 pls

Jimin's Booteh says:

Soooo…I have thick short hair. Why am I here??

Paula Esther says:

Name of 4:29 song pls?

Erica Gray says:

I can’t even do a ponytail, lol.

Sarcasnic Smile says:

+Shadia Blanquincett on my mind

smiley gonzalez says:

what hairstyle color is .44 seconds too a minute ? i LOVE it

Nicoleta Marlenne Balanescu says:

3:32 song? Plz!

moravia mcfarland says:

what’s the song at 3 :53

Mercè Grivé Cervera says:

0:18 song???

kem says:

what hairstyle is 1:24?

Kristina Dömeövá says:

Jazzy Kaur Hula hoop

Kayla Schrader says:

what is the name of the hair tool she is using 4:56??????

Imane Messaoudi says:

music on 0:19 ??

Mika Gray says:

4:42 song please ?

Saphire Walton says:

what that song at 3:39

sad meme says:

**turns off music in video**  **blares twenty one pilots**

Enrique Cabunot says:

01:33 song please

Pyroman Slenderman says:

songs plz 1:19

林穎志 says:


Stephanie Haiara says:

0:24 what is the name of the song? Please

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