Balayage on Virgin Hair || Hair Tutorial

My technique for doing a Balayage on virgin hair. For any questions leave a comment Thanks for watching and enjoy!
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Sobia Usman says:

its a good method ..but why u dont tell mixing of color and shade number also compny??

Li Ly says:

Which colors did she use? And which toner ?

Colette Sanderd says:

Hi Great video , what product did you use? 20- 30- 40 vol????? I am a hairdresser Thanks again

Jennifer Miranda says:

How long was the bleach left and what level of peroxide? Thanks for sharing.

Laura Elzey says:

love the paint brush. I am getting one asap.. you have inspired me

Hairlyfe SaymoreHair says:

do i have to use foils is it better

Zarah Jallani says:

Where the fuck is the finished look?

yegenye1 says:

I have some doubts, before I try, hope you can answer. With this technick wont be the frontal part lighter than the back? I mean its much longer time in the foil, or did you take them out earlier?

Beatriz Carias says:

Do you use bleach this time or color ?

Cassie Cook says:

How much $$$$ you will charge 4 that job

heavenly stamina says:

hi, i m new, i d like to know the product that you use. Thanks a lot

Mary Vargas says:

What brand of liner did you used?

Michelle Lilley says:

Would have liked to see the end result in the video

Emily Louxo says:

This is so helpful, I’m a newly qualified stylist and I was just wondering what bleach you used here?

Hh yesenia torres says:

i think u went to high..mine as well do all of it light lol

Sajal Anees says:

Can you please wtat About this pase colour?

Jorge Luis Marques Salustiano says:


Eevee says:

I’ve tried to find a hairdresser that could do a balayage so that they wouldn’t apply any color on my roots. I’ve got my natural hair colour. Most of the hairdressers that I’ve spoken to said that they would have to dye the roots too.. My hair is a bit lighter than hers on the video. I’ve got wavy texture on my hair which doesn’t help when you’re doing highlights. I’d love to get a balayage but I’m a bit afraid that I’d leave the salon disappointed and +100 eur poorer.

ernesto alvarado perez sancho says:

reggae dub nize amazing

Jessica McWilliams says:

Wonderful job

Julia Lewkowicz says:

Hey, why did you use a bleach on virgin hair? Wouldn’t a dye lift her hair?

Mama Bru says:

Thank you for sharing! 😀

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