mini tutorial! this is how I do babylights and also how I lift two toned hair to an even, pretty blonde. hair color is a science and sometimes doing multiple steps and using a few different color mixtures is key! let me know what you think in the comments below, xo.


redken flashlift, 20 volume, 1/8 ounce of olaplex
redken flashlift, 30 volume, 1/8 ounce of olaplex
goldwell colorance 7NA (10 minutes)
redken shades eq 9B/9T (3 minutes)


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Nora Berger says:

Doesn’t olaplex bump your lightener’s lift down by 10 volume? So aren’t you technically using 10 volume and 20 volume, not 20 and 30?

Layla Dahou says:

Where did you get the white board from please I love Framer

Emily Wright says:

how long does it take you to get all those foils in!? i’m trying to work on my timing so having a reference would help a lot!

Rossamela says:

I love the idea of putting multiple foils on the board! Gonna use that for sure;-) Thank you for a great video!

Rebecca Smith says:

what brushes are you using?

Talyr Kotschevar says:

Love!! What foiling board do you use? & where can I get one?!

Pancho Atondo says:


jhardy2014 says:

What kind of color brush are you using?

jennifer crawford says:


Paige Groves says:

jessica could you show us how you did around her face a littlr more in depth!!! im so curious!!!

Soni Core says:

When doing full head of root babylights do you do back to back foils or leave a small section out in between foils??

Joannie Adkins says:

What did you use to tone her with?

Trynda Osman says:

Haha i have a cat too so at the beginning of this i had to pause the video to see if it was mine meowing! And then i remembered you have a cat too! That is too funny! Ps i loved you twice as much when I realized you had a cat! Love this! Can i ask what you charge for something like this? Do you charge extra for olaplex and toners?

Brian Furkin says:

Hey! Love your videos! Thank you! What kind of foils are you using in this video? Do you tear your own foils, or do these come precut? Thanks!!

Jenna Minichiello says:

LMAO I kept pausing the video thinking my cat was meowing and then I realized it was your video!

Jen S says:

This is so beautiful! What do i tell my stylist if I want this?

saywhat! 02 says:

Wow! Wish you could do mine as the salon I go to has no idea how to do hair yet know how to take money!!

F M says:

Did I hear the phrase “money piece” ? What’s a money piece?

Cody Edwards says:

Please do a tutorial on how you choose your toner formulas with the shades eq.

It's Illumariitee says:

What’s the song in the background ?

Kelvin D. says:

I love the music

Gracie Max says:

May I ask what you (and any other fellow stylists) favorite lightener is for different techniques . Baby lights, balayage etc. I am using Blondor from cosmoprof for baby lights and REDKEN clay freehand (?) for balayage.

Chasity Miller says:

What kind of brushes are you using?

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