7 Blow Drying Tips | Long Hairstyles

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So blow drying techniques for long hair. If you have fine hair and you want to give some fullness to it, you should actually dry your hair upside down and lift up the roots while drying your hair with your finger. Don’t put a brush to your hair when your hair is super wet because it’s a waste of time and it will damage your hair even more because you’ll put more heat and longer on it.

So when you blow dry your hair, also go with the hair, meaning don’t over blow dry your hair on the underside because you’ll get all those fuzzy frizzy hair to come. So follow your hair the way it’s going to go. Remember your hair is going to go straight down. The air of the dryer will follow that. Pull on it with your hand, smooth it out with your finger as much as you can before you put a brush on it. The more you will dry your hair with your finger, the easier it will be later on with the brush. So don’t be afraid to use your hand and go through your hair as much as possible.

Now, that will not be enough to actually make your hair look very nice. So you will need to take a round brush, depending on if you want movement or if you want your hair straight, it all depends on the size of the brush. The smaller size of the brush will give you more wave and also will actually lift up the roots a little bit more. So always start at the bottom.

So again you have to make a clean, nice section. You will need to start there with your brush all the way to the roots. Start with the roots first and make your way down. Make sure the air of the dryer is facing downwards so you don’t actually bring the small little frizz up. Once the roots are done, it’s pretty much 90% of that piece of hair that will be done. Keep the same tension. Once you get to the end, roll your brush to make it nice and smooth.

Take another section. Now if you want to give a little fullness to the roots, you will want to pick your hair up and put the air on them so you give it a little lift, a little fullness. Don’t forget that the dryer is hot. So if you want to do a little setting on the hair, you want to use a little bit of the cold air button to actually cool it down. It’s almost like a setting.

Now for the front part, you will take it, bring it down towards the face and give a slight movement. Remember the most important part of your hair is what’s around your face. Most of the time we all get frizzy or little fuzzy hair here. So that’s when you need to work this a little bit more than the rest of it. What I mean by that is actually putting the brush here and going backwards so you actually smooth all those little piece of hair here, because that’s what you’re going to see in the mirror but that’s also what you’re going to see in real life and that’s what people are going to actually see when they first see you. People are not going to look what’s in back. They’re going to see what’s around your face. So if that doesn’t look good, nothing else is going to look good.

So that’s some blow drying techniques that you can use at home.


Liz Sanchez says:

Ok looks like Tabatha or baby Tabatha Lol

urScorpioLady says:

nice tips! thank you…
this does take a lot of practice

Q D says:

Hmmmm… Why is he blow drying someone’s hair even though it’s not wet…. XD

niko22225 says:

wow she has a nice jawline

L. J.P. says:

never blow dry hair, heat is bad..now its frizzing fool..

Nouhi says:

She’s so beautiful!

graymomma says:

This guy is so fancy he uses a human clip…

littlemissmello says:

I had my hair shampooed and conditioned (also some hair mask and treatment or whatever) at Lush a week ago and they blowdried it so prettily that I’m completely inspired. I’ve been looking at home techniques all day

Xavier Tandova says:

who is the model??

Arsen Aronov says:

The roots are not done they still have a ridge in them

Rasa Baumilaite says:

i like the way he works,bur resolt not the best thought…

Julisa Garza says:

it looks exactly the same from the beginning… her face says it all.

Alexsy Civic RS says:

round hair brush vs best hair brush ever made?? whats the differnce????

HorseGirlb says:

This is actually super unhelpful

Herp Derp says:

I’m watching this because I wanted to know how to do this on my own hair, buT MY ARMS CAN’T BEND LIKE THAT

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Mohd Hazrul says:

so i one prson can do or not

Myhopelessromtce Love says:

good tip thanks

paulopelado says:

Nice work and amazing model beauty

hanan khalaf says:

شعرها ناعم بغير

dewar white says:

At home we don’t have people holding hair for us, or at least I don’t, she looks beautiful tho

Angels Piano says:

The face of the model like WTF at 4:46 is Priceless!

StylishOrnella says:

That girls side profile is so perfect

salvador caballa says:

so messy..i dont like the way he blowdry the hair.

Kash Ayub says:

very nice

Candelaria Rodriguez Bento says:

very good i hope all the hairdressing i been they can be good in London i pay lots of money for my hair and they ruin every time now i no going any more until i go to Devon the are very professional in London Poplar the are cowboys.

פליסיה גבריאל says:

the woman looks like she has no soul what so ever

Eduard Cruset says:

That was so difficult to understand! hahaha nice tips tho xx

Tshialamina Amaral says:

Thanks’ a lot for the front part that the used to be the mostrar difficult part for me

Isabella Cxl says:

it looks like she’s holding in her laughter lol

manalkhaled alqhtani says:

It is amazing style and thank you all teaching

lilly and alice says:

we have 3 hands …

Mariana Furner says:

That model looks like she has no soul

FearlessChat says:

I could watch this guy do hair all day. So relaxing

Menandro SaeZ says:

wow its challenging

Caitlin Early says:

how to blow dry your hair: have two people at a salon do it for you

Bloomin Loomin says:

My hair stylist told me she blow dries it small sections with a brush so I have been doing that lately, I feel horrible I’ve been damaging my hair this whole time. I’m glad I found this I definitely won’t be doing that again.

Jennifer Hall says:

Every time I see someone blow-dry their hair I can’t help but cringe… :s and when they keep going over the same bit… My hair would be fried after a blow-out like that! D:

Crazy Horse says:

Putting a brush through your hair when it’s wet is a waste of time? are you serious?. I don’t think I’m in America anymore.

Elena Zaitova says:

very interesting fast styling for everyday life

Alex Garcia says:

What happened to her head it doesn’t look that normal.

Taibou Boubakri says:

why do you blow dry her haïr isnso:beautiful ans dont nées blow dry

Anna R says:

Why is everyone saying the model is pissed? If she was smiling the whole time people would comment that she is smiling to much.

Butter Fury says:

She’s back ;D

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