3 Easy Hairstyles for Short/Medium Length Hair | Ashley Bloomfield

Where my Shorties at 💁🏼🙋🏼

Hey guys!

So its been quite some time since I’ve filmed a short hair tutorial, so I thought I would sit down and show you guys my go to hairstyles for the Summer/Fall season. These hairstyles are perfect when the season starts to transition from Summer to Fall! Here in Canada it gets super humid during this transitional phase, so these are great when you are trying to fight the frizz!

Let me know down below what hairstyle is your favourite, and remember to give this video a thumbs up for more short hair tutorial!


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florantia says:

can i just say you’re stunning! i love these hairstyles ♥️

Panic!AtMyTwentyOneChemicalCryBabtys 35 says:

Thank you so much for this!! My hair is about your length i didnt know what to do with it :).

helzikinz says:

Loving these hairstyles!

Alicionna Marsh says:

Omg they are so pretty expectaly the 3 one

Pumpkin Red says:

SOO helpful <3 (;

Lisa Page says:

Thank you so much!! I was growing out my hair since when I was younger I had to have it in a pixie cut or else it would mat. over night. So I didn’t really know what to do with my hair and this was really helpful!!! My favourite was the second one! Thank you so much!

Clawdine 212 says:

I love your hairstyle..it is so cool and you learned me a new thing about hair

Millie Prior says:

I had to go bald because of this video. She didn’t tell us that it wasn’t for thick hair,

XxDiana VlogsxX says:

I like the last one

renate bergsma says:

you really reminded me of sarah hyland with the last hairstyle<3

Lucy Dragneel says:

I can’t braid for my life

retrobanana6 says:

Need to master all of these

Althea Aguason says:

I like the 3rd one

Figger Naggot says:

it would be funny if hair artists color coded their hair for stuff like this

Purnachander Rao says:

2nd hairstyle is beautiful

Katherine Shieler says:

i love the 2nd style but it looks great in a pony tail as well:)

DK Sager says:

I did the french braid….. Not even half way in my arms got tired and i stopped……… Im pathetic

Erika Nguyen says:

I hate my hair

Asian Potato says:

Oh yay, another person that is better at hair than me, I can barely tie my hair!

retrobanana6 says:

Your skin is so pretty!

Iva Jones says:

I will and the next day or next two days so we can are not able to tomorrow night at working with this matter Andrew and then yourself Claudia and talk about last night at work at work and the next one Michael and his girlfriend and then yourself

Sixty Shades Tianna Jayne says:


Fay Holm says:

the first one isn’t easy at all

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