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In this episode of Posing and Lighting, Doug Gordon explains camera height and the difference it makes when shooting portrait images. Here, Doug encourages photographers to familiarize themselves with various heights and provides examples of the images that will be produced from these height tweaks, ultimately making the body look the best.

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william schaefer says:

Good one! Straight and to the point no BS or sales pitch! Thanx.

Michelle Flowers says:

Great video and I love the topic something I will use in the future!! Great job Doug Gordon!!

Smack Chop says:

The model’s reaction to this is great haha, thanks for the tips.

Ovidiu Lazar says:


Lan Country Music says:


MACH1 E-Scooter says:

nice video. Put all the three images on the screen for comparison!

pmd92886 says:

Great tips, but it would be very helpful to see all three images side by side.  Thanks!

Kevin Hunter says:

what lens were you using?

Edward Millership says:

Not to Adorama’s usual high standards..

Richard Taylor says:

Awesome video Doug. Your thought process was described perfectly and produced some great images

K Gopinathan says:

Good tips, will help the the budding photographers a lot

albertr915 says:

excellent video & excellent tip’s. love to see more video’s from you.

Michael Levy says:

I really wish the various sets of three photos had been shown side-by-side.

Scott Walter says:

Great tips.   I was always taught to point down at a plus size subject now I know exactly why.

Jeppe Andersen says:

thanks for making it that simple!

Richard Paixao says:

why not post all three in one frame for comparison. 

dwoodog says:

Thanks for the great tips.

johan bauwens says:

Does ‘she’ have a name too ? Not very polite !

Gabriel Pop says:

well… it was not quite perfect … u cut her fingers 2 out of 3 pictures ….

Doug Gordon says:

TY all for the great comments and following, I greatly appreciate it

Venkatesh K P says:

Awesome,great video with good tips.Great tips for portrait photographers.Thanks Doug Gordon for the wonderful job.

Chris Custodio says:

I gotta try out some of these tips next time I make some portraits! Just a suggestion: it would be super helpful, when he says to compare the different images, to show them side by side, or at least one after the other.

Steinar Knai says:

+1, show the 3 positions beside each other to better demonstrate your points, but great video nevertheless!

Adrian Hyde Photography says:

as always great tips and video. Thanks for posting.

Q Queuenstein says:

Good tips as always. One thing I think you could have discussed is how angle effects the meaning in the image. A photo is a record of a relationship between a model and a viewer, and height, angle, viewpoint, effect what is being communicated.

Bennys Dad says:

Brilliant! Lets have more form Doug.

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