Swimwear Photography – Lighting, Posing, and Retouching with Joey Wright

More info here: https://fstoppers.com/product/joey-wright-swimwear-photography-lighting-posing-and-retouching

Joey Wright is a successful swimwear photographer based out of Miami, FL. In this 20 hour tutorial, Joey teaches everything he knows about taking beautiful photographs and making a business out of it.


Eric Nguyen says:

What kind of gimbal did you use for your phone?

Benjamin Crozat says:

I knew you were up to something, ha ha. Seem great!

Albert Yang says:

Everything looks so fake! And I don’t mean that in a bad way; I mean the island; the water; the ladies; the beaches.. There’s that one drone show of 2 of the models swimming; that water looks so photoshopped! beautiful.

De Girolamo Filmmaker says:

To do this job you have to be Gay U_U

Mike Albanese says:

Well I just purchased this and watched the first few videos. The instructor makes all the difference when teaching and I must say. JW does a fantastic job. I think they should fire their video guy. I think he had auto exposure on the first video but he fixed it after that. JW is giving examples of everything he’s talking about which is a huge help for us amateurs.

I dont know any of these dudes in the video. It’s a little on the pricey side but I think I’m gonna learn a whole hell of a lot.And bubble gum comes to mind if you dont think the ladies are stunning. Cheers.

Stefan Totev says:

It took me some time, but the song from the video is Bring it on – Gyom.
You are all welcome. 🙂

Pim Nauta says:

Loving the tutorial,really awesome!.

K2 says:

Video production quality is top notch! Hollywood has nothing on you guys. Dare I say best on YouTube, that’s an undeniable fact!

svnelvn says:

0:22 nip slipped

EJ Be the Light says:

Curacao my home land how i miss you! great so you guys are over there!

WypeArtz says:

what’s the name of the song in the beginning? ^^ btw awesome series 🙂

tristan tomasheski says:

pretty awesome to watch these videos, tons of inspiration.

Paweł Pałczyński says:

What a chicks 🙂

Bassel Mattroud says:

great job guys. doing your best thing by objectifying women.

Marc Reinecker says:

Isn’t the girl at 5:00 the “girl next door” from the iPhone 6 shoot with a “non model’?

Pouet Pouet 09 says:

This video reminds me how boring my life is. Thanks.

TheDJCrazz says:

I don’t know how I could justify getting into this genre of photography without it coming across as, I wanna bang models.

Jimaro Morales says:


Raymond Isbill says:

Looks nice and I know allot of work went into making this but $300? Not sure I see that much value in a video.

Olivier Roubieu says:

Wow this is awesome, very inspiring

John Gilchrist says:

I want your job

Tom Webb says:

I can’t wait to get paid as a photographer, then I’ll start buying these tutorials!!

khan khan says:


Luke Testaferrata Moroni Viani says:

someone please tell me the song at 4:16 ?

Dave Dugdale says:

Great job, you guys are killing it, Scott Kelby should be nervous.

Eduardo Hernández says:

So hard be a photographer lol. Great job!!

Bader Alwazeer says:

I think photographers end up making money out of teaching and just gave up on the real photography business :P, Which makes sense 😀

R134eS2o says:

I could only imagine getting paid to do that level of post processing for multiple images… It would take me forever to do it for say 100 images and I’ve been Photoshopping since high school CS3 days… 3-5 images no problem in a little bit of time, but a lot would be crazy. Guess it depends on what you’re shooting for. I only do it for fun no money involved, makes things harder… But I’m broke soooooo…… Guess hard is the only way to go from here!

Tyson Wright says:

Hello Joey,

what is the opening music track on this video please ?

BTC Studio says:

NO fucking way i live in curacao dude awesome

SuperLitherland says:

Mela is the best …..

raredreamfootage says:

Which drone did you use?

Imanuel Cortez says:

We had our wedding in this mansion & lived there a few weeks.. Love this place !

LowLightVideos says:

If I had to choose a Career when I was a Teenager this would have been a great 2nd choice; instead I ended up sitting in the Bar, drinking Beer and watching the Strippers (before Tattoos became popular, now it’s just ugly with names and knives a popular choice, big ugly flowers next and then some poorly done chicken scratches in last place).

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