Sue’s Posing Guidelines – Inside the Glamour Studio with Sue Bryce

“Inside The Glamour Studio” is available now!
In this clip Sue Bryce talks about her “show don’t tell” approach to advertising and marketing her photography business.
She also introduces “flow” – the technique she uses when posing someone else’s body.

During “Inside The Glamour Studio” award winning photographer, Sue Bryce teaches modern glamour photography. Visit the course page to watch real shoots as Sue guides you step-by-step through the process of celebrating the timeless beauty of women.

Access the complete ‘Glamour Studio’ course here:


thePavuk says:

7:12 that is amazing example of “how to” and “how to not”.

Frederick Moore says:

You Give Great Advice Sue Keep The Video’s Coming Plz

torasclaat says:

“show, don’t tell.” Woman I love you and I just met you.

Nicholas Gonzalez says:

I love Sue Bryce. She always keeps it real.

Andrew McKenzie says:

Sue I, an American, remember The Thunder Birds. Early ’70s… People have forgotten the recent full length movie.
Thank you for the inspiration Sue. I can get away with saying booty but I don’t think I can pull off boobs yet without seeming like a perv. 🙂

Lorenzo P says:

Sue is the Bomb!!!

Insected Junk says:

Wow, what a master…

Starsonedge says:

Ironically, thrift stores are a great place to start. I’ve found so many different things there, when people can’t sell half the time they just donate.

Michael Rammell says:

She’s no Jerry Ghionis, but she is great

Nuwart fotografía says:

i enjoy watching your vídeos.i learn a lot. thanks!

Constablephotography says:

Thank you. I believe that an image should tell a story with out saying a word.

David Russell says:

Everyone knows what Thunderbirds are.  “Thunderbirds are GO!”

Our Family Styles says:

This was wonderful! Thank you!


Wow! Loved the shoots!

Jeanette Torres says:

Thanks for all feedback

Janet Vienna says:

very very good input

BoslyELee says:

Thank you very much for this informative video. Now that I have time I will watch the other videos. My interest has always been with glamour/portraits but I have very little resources to learn from. I suck with posing/directing people as well so I went into wedding photography instead. I hope there’s many more videos to come about glamour.

Kris Drake says:

This is awesome! Sue is amazing!

Garrick Marchena says:

This woman is amazing!!

Patrick J. Boening says:

Finally a photographer that makes scene on YouTube. Keeping it simple and seeing photography as your business (and brand) not as an art, will get you a steady and good income each month. Well done Sue!

Mieke Jacobs - Tankink says:

A professional photographer was telling me about your work and your site as well as the CL 28day workshop. I’m not a professional, but I find you an inspiring teacher of life and business. I’m going to incorporate your lessons in my amateur grandma photos.

Dennis Daugherty says:

Great information, Flow with the moment nothin structured. Love it

Irena Jurečič says:

Wonderful presentation, very useful.

B.W. Block says:


Raymond Isbill says:

Where do you find all those great outfits for the models to wear?

jmparagon says:

you are good. you just made me believe when you posed.

Erskine Isaac says:

She is incredible and she is hot as well, I love her voice.

Lidia Negrila says:

you are amazing!!!

Westly Lewis says:

WOW!! What a beautiful Beautiful Woman. Inside and Out!! Love your spirit Sue….

Amy Mitchell says:

I was talking to a girl in my portrait photography class today and we both determined that we want to be Sue Bryce. She’s just so incredible!

pavlos mag. says:

thank you , you are great!! 

michelle perez says:

Absolutely love Sue and her techniques, she is an awesome teacher!

mkvids100 says:

You are wonderful Sue!

Juan Dela Cruz says:

I wanna buy 24-105 too. Is that you’re most used lens for this multiple posing? Is it because of versatility?

Charlie Sill says:

Show don’t tell is a very smart way to do it! It IS a visually medium after all.

zoe says:

awesome golden advice

Casper Dawson says:

What a master! I have so much admiration for you that simply thinking of trying your techniques feels like I’m insulting you!

TheCrisy85 says:

wow I just see myself thoughts speaking loud from you..I learn portrait photography on shooting in hotels in Canary Island and I found my poses and the body languages and researching the connection in every picture I’ve done..but after a year I am back to my country and now I can’t Start my own business just because I am not confident with my self as I was back to canary island..hard time tho..

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