Sue Bryce: How to Photograph Different Body Types

Learn how to photograph all body types and more from Sue on CreativeLive:

CreativeLive instructor Sue Bryce explains how to shoot women with a variety of different body types. Sue, an internationally-acclaimed glamour portrait photographer, shows you everything you need to know about taking beautiful photos.


Richard Dufault says:

Gread demo. The tethering feels soooo slow though. I wonder if they’re using Lightroom, which I find too slow for active shooting.

silvaninka says:

This was the best tutorial I ever heard and saw

Dorktastic says:

I don’t like that she had to constantly physically move the model by touching her. Not every model wants to nor has to be touched for small changes in position.

Waqas Baig says:

This was the best tutorial thx lot.

tsavina62 says:

Yup, arms have always bothered me but I changed my thinking and call them angel wings. 🙂

Nabila Tahir says:

amazing!! thank you sue

badabing badabing says:

Damn she said sorry to her…way to be a super intimidating teacher.

Kurt Wall says:

Terrific video. I love Sue Bryce’s instructional style, pacing, and connection with her audience and model. Unfortunately, as a man, I’m unwilling to be so hands-on with female models. I’ve heard too many stories about male photographers perving and preying on female models; I don’t want to be part of the problem.

Vee Hertel says:

it’s unfortunate she recommends photoshopping a body to alter how it actually looks, when she really should be teaching us how to make each body type look good– not how to make curvy girls look skinny.

Sooner boy says:

I am a award winning women’s photographer and know a great deal about posing that is not only very tasteful but flattering. This subject’s face in s widened by putting the chin down.

Muhammad Gamal says:

Great, thanks for sharing

1979jryd says:

Amazing video! You are brilliant Thank you!

jsm666 says:

The thing that struck me most about watching this is that I’m not sure the photographer said “please” or “thank you” to the model even once. 🙁

Zoram Thanga says:


Grzegorz Galant says:

Amazing! Sue Bruce is exceptional photographer, and even better teacher!

Promptu Mip says:

Its a circumspect on Model Photography! Great job here. Ive subscribed and will learn a lot from here. Thanks

Omar Cordy says:

This was so helpful! THANK YOU!

Bryan Poulson says:


Anietie Williams says:

It really great having this video here, am learning a lot thanks.

Ria de Jong says:

Nice to watching this video, thank you so much..

Allen Bryant says:

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Victoria Kemp says:

Always amazing. Her style of posing and teaching is mesmerizing.

phil watson says:

Love Sue’s work. I feel that shooting close with a 35 makes the model more uncomfortable. Fine if you have a pro model, but if it was a client portrait no way.

george loui says:


1Noizeemama says:

I missed seeing this one on CreativeLive’s website. You taught me so much!

Jan Karthäuser says:

Thx for sharing!

Katherine Schumm says:

Wonderfully helpful video. I love Ms. Bryce’s attention to detail and her quiet, kind and clear point of view. Great tips….going to watch them all.

Ashley Thompson says:

Love your ahums!

bujashaka says:

different body types, fat, slim. doesn’t care what words you use, it is same in the end.

Saff Michael says:

My first thought was that ottoman is too short to pose well….at 8:30 she agrees with me 😀

Revolutionary Photographers says:

The best so far!

Sue Me says:

thanx a lot you are amazing
very helpful tips

Brescia Terra says:

Great video, amazing lesson! Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

DoreikuDrake says:

I am here for Arm Awareness Month.

Erwin Jonkman says:

Great tutorial! 😀
But do you always say: ‘good girl’ to your models? :O

Heather Toshiko says:

I got a million new seated poses in the last 60 seconds of this…… WUT. Bow down to Sue Bryce! <3

Bruce D. Allan says:

Well done!

Maiki Kmaiki says:

Hi ,I really like this whole video .Thak you Sue.

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