Sue Bryce Answers Students’ Questions on Mastering Glamour Photography

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Sue Bryce’s 28 Days is the all-in-one guide to posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait business.

In this video Sue answers questions from ’28 Days’ students.


Christopher Oneil says:

Sue Brice is awesome. She is not only an amazing photographer and she inspires me every time I see her talk and when I see her work. Thank you Sue Brice for all your words. I subscribed to your channel. You are truly someone that give me insperation and just basically helps me grow. Love your work!

Nuru Andeku says:

Hi Sue, Nuru here, please to meet you! I admire your passion, because that very ‘light’ radiates within me as well. I love your approach and am grateful that you are part of my (and many others) process/destiny, towards establishing or sustaining a thriving career in photography. I see a lot of innovation and developments in the industry. Photography, a powerful means of communicating — if used properly, accounts for a lot of good that occurs and will continue to occur in the world. Thanks you!

CapturedbyMistyB says:

Sue Bryce is the  — she is such a sweet artist to share like she does

Thomas J. Hawke says:

That’s a great excuse.

Eccentric Smithy says:

Whats the point of this video? You are not answering someones question by plugging in a future event that they have to pay for in order to get their answer…

Edan Ramos says:

Sue Bryce..just marry me! You’re amazing, and gorgeous!

Sue Bryce says:

oh hogs wash. Im still in todays market, still competing for business and still being relevant to my market. I have trained photographers from start up to success I couldnt be more in touch with what the market wants

funincluded says:

An accomplished photographer can’t give advice about today’s market for beginners if she doesn’t have any experience in today’s market as a beginner.

20 years ago there was relatively no competition. Today it is waaay more stiff.

MissHollliday says:

Thank you so much for this video!

madelle lyn says:

Wow!!!Brilliant thank u so much!!!

David Durkee says:

Absolutely atrocious lighting in the video. Maybe just a niggle, but when you a selling yourselves as professionals (I’m talking CreativeLIVE), you should do much better. Blown out all to hell. It detracts when you are talking to people who’s living is made with this type of gear and you guys are way better than that.

Sue is, of course, still amazing…

Ra Hall says:

I love Sue Bryce and Creative Live

Jackie Spellen says:

I wish I knew about this!!!! She is amazing!!! Go Sue Bryce!!!!

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